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Word Balloon Podcast – Robert Kirkman Fan Q+A

Show Notes

On this edition of the Word Balloon podcast, we've uncovered a lost Q&A session that focused on the subject of creative tips for newcomers. Writer Robert Kirkman recorded this on a sleepy August night, but answered many WB fan questions about starting out in the comics business.

We discuss the merits of creating a series bible, versus a story by story approach.  What goes into creating characters?  Is there a definitive end story for Walking Dead in the back of his mind? Plus Robert talks about collaborating with Todd McFarlane, and his views on creating a comic property for the sole purpose of getting a Film or TV deal.

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  1. Nice interview 🙂

  2. This was awesome! Kirkman will literally shit on you and McFarlane doesn’t like shoes!

     Nice one man!

  3. i would’ve focused on his writing tips…but yeah that’s part of the talk too!

  4. got to love wordballloon on ifanboy.

  5. Awesome episode! I enjoyed it immensely. Wanted to say that I love Wordballoon Mr. Suintres, it’s one of my favorite podcasts(other one being iFanboy of course)

  6. thanks folks!

  7. Great stuff John! The Van Meter one was cool too. I listen to these while I work.

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