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Word Balloon Podcast – Rob Liefeld Part 2, Alex DeCampi, & Matt Fraction Part 2

Show Notes

Here for your holiday pleasure, it’s a Word Balloon triple feature. We wrap things up with Rob Liefeld, who talks about his work with Robert Kirkman on The Infinite for Image Comics. Then Rob goes into detail with the full slate of books he’ll be releasing in 2012 under the Extreme Imprint. Liefeld goes down the roster of creators on his various titles, which includes Erik Larsen writing and drawing SUPREME.

Then Alex De Campi joins us to discuss her upcoming graphic novel Ashes with artist Jimmy Broxton. Ashes is a 252 page story which Alex is trying to fund via kickstarter. The story is a sequel to her Eisner nominated 2005 IDW story Smoke. Di Campi has been a long time veteran in the digital comics market with the 2009 story Valentine. She talks about the successes and missteps she had with that book, and shares some innovative ideas on how self publishers can partner with comics stores on both the print and digital versions of a comic book.

Finally Matt Fraction is back to wrap up his latest Fireside Chat with some TV and Film talk.

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00:00-132:59 Rob Liefeld

133:00-210:14 Alex De Campi

210:15-The End Matt Fraction



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  1. I have never been a fan of Rob Liefeld. However after hearing these interviews with him, I love his enthusiasm for comics and his veteran knowledge of the industry. Thanks for giving us this interview John, I really appreciate this.

  2. This really makes me want to track down Moore’s Supreme run

  3. Rob’s Todd impression is hilarious.

    And two on-air pee breaks? Also kind of hilarious.

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