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Word Balloon Podcast – Matt Fraction talks FEAR ITSELF and Answers Your Questions

Show Notes

On this Special Edition of Word Balloon, we present breaking news, as Matt Fraction joins us with details of the Marvel Comics event announced earlier today, Fear Itself. Matt gives more details on the origin of the event, who the major players are and what fans can expect.

We also discuss Iron Man #500, out next month, and the details of this possible future where The Mandarin is ruling the world with the son of Iron Man at his side. We discuss Thor, the de-aging of Loki, and the return of Odin to Asgard. Plus Uncanny X-Men and Casanova news and start to answer your fan questions!


Show Notes

7:40 Iron Man #500

24:00 Thor


54:39 Casanova Volume 3 details leading into fan questions


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  1. Sweet! Can’t wait to listen!

  2. Great timing on this. I love how WB keeps getting great scoops and managing timing. It is one of the few places I TRUST for comics journalism.

  3. Not on iTunes yet? Wah wah wah waaaaaaaaah

  4. @warmachine15  the show is posted at my newer itunes feed, which is labled CLEAN (though it’s the same show feed)

    I’d switch to the new clean feed.

    @SummerSleep  thanks man

  5. Ahh wonderful. Thanks!

  6. Nice!  I’m always up for a Marvel event

  7. Not if the books are priced at $3.99…

  8. For some reason the site’s player doesn’t play for me. I use firefox on mac os x. I could use the download link though…

    Great show!

  9. Oh man, early Christmas.  Thanks John and Matt!

  10. Now the question is, can they pull it off.  Solid from beginning to end.

  11. John:

    1) why switch feeds?

    2) why not tell us when you did? 

    3) clean?  

  12. Really looking forward to listening. Thanks again John. Have a good Christmas.

  13. There’s a new feed?  I’ve been driving myself crazy trying to figure out why this wasn’t downloading.

    Should I only use one feed or keep both (clean & explicit)?

    the Tiki 

  14. @thefreakytiki  like i said not sure what’s wrong with my original itunes feed. the “newer feed” is actually a few years old.

    there is normally no difference in programming, but the older feed  seems to be a bit behind since the weekend.

    i’m not abandoning either feed, but it seems likde the newer one works better

  15. This got me even more excited for Fear Itself.

  16. @RobAbsten 

    1) this was done 3 years ago, and was for internal purposes. I have since tried many times to consolidate the feeds back to one, but itunes is its usual non-helpful self.

    2) because there’s been no need to switch, both feeds would get shows when they were posted by me at the same time .

    3) just my way of telling the difference. there is no editing done on the “clean” feed.

  17. Excellent interview. Looking forward to part two

  18. Okey doke. Thanks for the answers and for asking my question, too. 

    Merry Christmas! 

  19. okay, so why is there a third, slightly shorter version now?

  20. @ABirdseysView  relax. the slightly shorter version I just posted last night was done with shorter intros and outros. the interview is EXACTLY THE SAME LENGTH. 

    You may notice the original version is still everywhere else? 

    again I’m trying to figure out why file isn’t posting on my older feed, and I suspected that maybe it had to do with using licensed xmas music.


  21. @wordballoon  thanks, John.  yeah, all three popped up in my feed.  just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing out by deleting the extra ones.

  22. Thanks for this interview John! Can’t wait to hear the next part. Big fan of the show!

  23. another great interview, john.

  24. Has part 2 of this been released yet?

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