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Word Balloon Podcast – Matt Fraction Part 2

Show Notes

Matt Fraction's back to finish answering the questions posted here at iFanboy, and gives us more details about Invincible Iron Man, Thor Cassanova, and this spring's Marvel event FEAR ITSELF!


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  1. Yeah!

  2. Sweet!!! Thanks John. I love your show!

  3. thanks guys

  4. John, thanks for asking both my questions. Sorry if I went over-the-top, but I wanted to break up the list of standard “Uhhh, what’s gonna happen in [comic book]”  and “what [other company] character do you want to write” questions we often get when the public gets to participate. I was shooting for a WarRocketAjax type querry. That, and I really wanted to know his take on the Next Big Thing for figures from history  – and while Lincoln is Victorian-era, it’s a big year upcoming for Lincoln.

    And, for the record, I’m a middle-aged lawyer. I’ll take that college freshman comment as a complement.  😉

  5. I enjoyed Matt’s frank opinion on the portrayal of women in comic books.

  6. as always, john, good stuff.

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