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Word Balloon Podcast – Marty Pasko Part 2 & Vaneta Rogers

Show Notes

As the saying goes, you don't know where you're going if you don't know where you've been. We explore the past and future changes at DC Comics. Pasko (who's celebrating a birthday today) wrote the history for the 2007 DC Vault, and researched more material for last year's DC 75th Anniversary Tashen book. As an associate editor and writer for DC since the 1970's, Pasko has had plenty of first hand knowledge, in addition to many conversations with the editors, writers, and artists who worked for DC/National/All-American comics from the company's start in 1935.

You'll hear about Marty's new 1970's DC Retroactive Superman story, but also learn about deacdes of changes and innovations to many of DC's top stars. Did you know about the stress-filled stomach aches suffered by Wonder Woman editors when they got salacious stories from her creator William Moulton Martsers. We'll hear about Pasko and Cary Bates being given the task of coaching Mario Puzo in Superman lore, while Puzzo prepared to write the 1978 first screenplay draft for the Richard Donner film. You'll learn how editor Julie Schwartz revamped Batman in 1966, to catch the eye of television producer William Dozier and led to him creating the ABC Batman TV show.

Then Vaneta Rogers of Newsarama is back to talk about the coming changes in the New DC. Rogers has interviewed nearly all of the creators involved in the relaunch, and between us we try to put the pieces together to figure out what may be in store for readers this September.


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  1. More Marty Pasko! AWESOME.

    I know John said on the last Word Balloon if you are a DCU fan you should definitely listen to him, but I feel if your a fan of comic books period you should listen. Such great behind the scenes stories from the past.

  2. I’m about 15 minutes in right now, where John assure Marty that his tangents are appreciated and he has the fan letters to prove it. I’m moved to back him up there. I love the open-ended style of this podcast generally, but Marty Pasko’s tangents are by far my favorites. Bring this guy back as often as possible!

  3. Three hours again, John?

    Past four episodes: 1:57, 3:52; 1:47; and 3:01.

  4. @RobAbsten  dude, get over it. you truly are the only one complaining. more long eps are coming. I think there is value to offering more than one guest, and the conversations are interesting.

    i can only point to the 99% favoravble responses and high volumes of downloads as proof.

  5. @RobAbsten  –in iTunes if you hit the pause button it saves your place and you can listen to other things. I do that all the time. Really not a big deal…its like one of them extra long $4.99 books. 

    I like the longer podcasts personally. More for my money..wait this is free. holy crud thats awesome. =)

  6. I always enjoy the Marty Pasko talks.
    He just knows comics and the industry. 
    I like hearing his stories but also his insight into the state of new comics and community.
    When he has something to say – it’s never offered in that “You’re wrong, I study comics” tone that is so prevalent in this environment.
    it’s just factual and humble and insightful.

  7. John, I may be the only one posting here, but not the only one complaining. Two friends of mine recently dropped you and 11 O’Clock because of time issues. Sidebar, Awesomed by Comics, and War Rocket Ajax are also nearing my pals’ chopping blocks.

    I truly enjoy your interviews and genuinely appreciate the time and effort you put into your show, but the ever expanding runtimes are burying me. And it’s not just you. There are a lot of good podcasts that have been getting longer and longer, and I – and I’d wager many other listeners – just can’t keep up. I recently dropped cnet’s Buzz Out Loud and Leo Laporte’s TWIT after nearly six-plus years of listening because they were taking up too much time. I don’t want to do that to you because I really like the show, but three hours a week is a big fucking nut to crack.

    I know you’re not going to change because of my (as you point out) lone voice bitching about it. You’re too busy having fun talking with all the cool people who make (or made) the books we love. That’s great. Truth be told, I’m jealous. But these growing lengths are something that’s bothering me. Also. without criticism we don’t change.

    The content is great. There’s simply getting to be too much of it.

    Just think about it is all.  Thanks.

    Rob Absten

  8. This really isn’t the place for this discussion.

  9. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    People know you don’t have to finish listening to a podcast the week it comes out, right? You actaully don’t even have to start listening that week. Listen to what most interests you and come back for the rest at a later date when you have a long drive or flight ahead of you. Podcasts will wait for you. 

  10. @RobAbsten  paul said it best. the great content will always be there to listen to, at your own discretion.

    not sure why presenting 2 or 3 interviews packaged together is so intimidating.

    my interviews are whatever length they end up being. that’s not going to change.

    sorry, but not really. just sorry that it seems lto be too big for you to manage.

  11. I have a feeling that DC has something big that they are planning with the JSA

  12. It’s pretty cool that Marty can remember all this stuff he talks about. I can barely remember what I did yesterday.

  13. @wordballoon  I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, thanks for the interviews with guys like Marty Pasko.  As much as I enjoy interviews with younger creators, I really appreciate guys with his longevity giving his views on comic creation and interactions with legendary creators.

  14. To many comic book fans, these interviews with Marty Pasko are a TREASURE.  Besides the insights to the characters and stories many of us love, we also get behind-the-scenes history and politics that got these stories to print.  I am so thankful that Mr. Pasko (and John) took the time to record this (if John wants to publish these interviews, I’d buy the book!).  I am eagerly awaiting part 3.

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