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Word Balloon Podcast – Mark Millar, Jonathan Hickman, DC VPs, & Ron Salas

Show Notes

 On this episode of Word Balloon, we present an un-conventonial collection of conversations revolving around subjects likely discussed at this weekend’s New York Comic -Con.

First Mark Millar tells us about his new gig as Creative Consultant for 20th Century Fox’s future Marvel films. We also talk about his comic books Super Crooks and The Secret Service.

Next DC vice presidents John Cunningham and Bob Wayne talk about the September Direct Market numbers and presentations they’ll be moderating at the NYCC.

Then we listen in on another Marvel press conference featuring writer Jonathan Hickman, Tom Brevoort, and Axel Alonso talking about Hickman’s take over of the Marvel NOW! titles Avengers and New Avengers . Hickman discusses the team rosters and future plot subjects.

Finally artist Ron Salas talks about his involvement in the upcoming anthology True Patriot featuring new superhero stories created by Canadian Comic creators. The book has a crowdfunding drive happening at indiegogo .

00:00  –   42:55  Mark Millar On Film News Supper Crooks & The Secret Service

42:56  –  57:03   Bob Wayne John Cunningham DC Comics

57:04  – 137:57  Hickman Avengers Press Conference

137:58  –  End      Ron Salas on True Patriot


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