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Word Balloon Podcast – Live At C2E2: The Lost 1979 Comics Documentary Panel

Show Notes

Live from last weekend’s C2E2 Word Balloon presents a comics history panel exploring the subjects covered  in The 1979 Lost Comic Book Documentary. You’ll hear audio from the Canadian produced film, which gives a great behind the scenes look at the offices of DC and Marvel. Guests on the panel were Mike Gold, former editor and public relations man at DC when the documentary was made, and artist Douglas Klauba (The Phantom, Project Superpowers ) who discovered the film.

You’ll hear details behind the 1978 Superman Vs Muhammad Ali book from Neal Adams Denny O’Neil and Julie Schwartz, , Jim Steranko’s 1976 graphic novel Chandler: Red Tide, Stan Lee and Archie Goodwin go over designs on a new Marvel hero The Human Fly, Trevor Von Eden and editor Jack Harris prepare the first issue of Black Lightning, and more.

Plus during the panel’s Q&A session, Mike shares stories about Joe Orlando, Joe Kubert, Neal Adams, Steve Ditko, and other bronze age memories.


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  1. Is that a man in a Manhunter outfit on the screen? I’m having daydreams of a low-budget, made-for-TV Paul Kirk movie… Need to listen to the show now.

  2. wow! even just hearing the audio, sounds like a supercool movie. very fun.

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