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Word Balloon Podcast – Kelly Sue DeConnick, Stuart Immonen, and Francis Manapul

Show Notes

It's another great conversation with 3 of today's hottest creators. First up, Kelly Sue DeConnick talks about her current run on Supergirl, which wraps up the character in the current DC continuity. Would you be surprised to learn Kelly Sue is only the second female writer to pen the Supergirl monthly? DeConnick also expands on the fact that despite Gail Simone being the only female writer involved in DC's relaunch, she was approached to pitch. She explains why she had to decline the offer, and the inevitable are there enough women in comics? discussion ensues. We also talk about her Marvel mini series, Osborn, and the upcoming Castle original graphic novel, co-written by Brian Michael Bendis.

Then live from last week's art gallery show in Chicago, Stuart Immonen talks about his amazing work on Fear Itself with Matt Fraction. The mini series has showcased some of Stuart's best work, and that's saying something, when you consider his recent runs on Ultimate Spider-Man and New Avengers.

Then Francis Manapul joins Art Baltazar and Franco, in a segment of the Aw Yeah Podcast to discuss the transition from artist, to writer-artist on The Flash for DC. We go behind the scenes discussing Francis's process, and the exciting challenge of sharing writing and art duties with Brian Buccellato.


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  1. Really looking forward to listening to this, especially Francis Manapul.  Thanks, John!

  2. Thanks John!

  3. I have a long drive this weekend, and this is really going to help out. Thanks John, you’re awesome!

  4. I think the important missing element in your question to DeConnick about a change in story telling
    Was stressing that with digital disrto A Lot of new unitiated readers will come to comics for the first time or in a long time and part 3 of a 8 part story will be off putting and with this new venture that really is about attracting New readers more than Anything.
    Why recreate the same road blocks and barriers to entry that exist in the old mode? 

  5. @ericmci  wouldnt  parts 1 and 2 be listed for purchase next to part 3? i don’t think that specific concern is valid at a digital bookstand. wouldn’t the description say part 3 of 6, or whatever?

  6. @Eirmci @Wordballoon: Until we get trade-style bundles of digital comics on these apps and sites the non-comicbook reader is still going to feel overwhelmed by the lack of clear starting points. Personally I think that the best thing for all companies would be a move to the Dark Horse style of minis where each new story is anumber 1. 

  7. Good stuff. Wish I could have made it to that Challengers show 🙁

  8. @davidtobin100  been saying that same thing for years. 

  9. Two times in less than two minutes I said “HELL YEAH” while listening to this podcast today. 

    The first was the mention of how awesome Moriarty from Image is.  I could not agree more and I wish there was more buzz around it. 

    The second time was Kelly talking about Star Clipper.  It is what a comic shop should be.  I don’t know how they can afford it if all this bad economy/slow death of lcs’s is true because they have every damn book that diamond solicts it seemed with plenty of copies and every single variant cover available, as well a huge selection of trades/hardcovers, with a very healthy indie/diy section.  I found it while visiting st. louis due to my hotel being close and couldn’t have been happier.  Any one visiting st. louis should seek it out due to its awesomeness

  10. The thing that will cause the death of print and the rise of digital is piracy.  It’s not a secret that you can illegally get scans of just about any comic (especially any comic in the past 10 years).  Those scans are from print copies of the book.  With a digital copy, they can embed a license, and stop the transfer of those comics from person to person.

    When digital pulls in new people, it wont take long for them to realize that they can get these comics, or back issues, for free online.  Movies, games, music have all shown that it doesn’t matter how much an industry says “hey, this isn’t right” it does not stop people from doing it.

    So as new readers download illegal scans of hardcopy books, the industry will lose money.  Being able to sell an untransferable digital, and not being able to stop people from making scans of hard copies will cause the companies to eventually get rid of print books.

    That’s my opinion anyway, and that makes me really sad.  Print > Digital 

  11. the problem with illegal download for me is that the scans dont look good. scanning a printed page will pick up dot patterns. this can be removed in photoshop but usually at the expense of crisp lines especially in the lettering. real digital comics are made from the digital files, there is no analog step in between.

    btw the comic shop that dan slott mentions that recreated amazing fantasy 15 is a local shop, the cover can be seen here:


    im in the shot, i am right by spideys left foot

  12. my bad, it was the next episode that has dann slott!

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