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Word Balloon Podcast – Jonathan Hickman Q&A Part One

Show Notes

Jonathan Hickman answers your questions on FF, Shield, Secret Warriors and more! We discuss his upcoming creator-owned books, like The Red Wing, as well as some recent comic book news.

Hickman will be back with more in part 2 of this podcast, coming soon. In the meantime, you can see him on the iFanboy video, episode #205 from the latest Emerald City Comicon in Seattle.


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  1. I’m listening to this right now. I am loving the Q&A. More Hickman, he is awesome. 

  2. That was excellent.

  3. Wow, Jonathan really got me thinking…

  4. This is just love all over.

  5. Wow, we’re only halfway to the interview, can’t wait for part 2. Also, there was a part in the podcast where John or Jonathan asked if Johnny ever had an interaction with Jim Hammond, aside from their first meeting in Fantastic Four Annual #4. They did meet once again in The Torch #5 by Alex Ross, where Johnny expressed his shock and awe at meeting his hero and asked to join Hammond and Toro in confronting their mutual enemy the Mad Thinker.

  6. Great episode, looking forward to the next.  I have to disagree with the idea that digital comics offer an inferior experience to print comics.  I find reading comics on my iPad through Comixology, with the guided view feature on, allowing me to see the full page before and after it goes through each panel, to be a superior to reading print comics.  But if Hickman has ideas to make the experience better, I’m eager to see what they’ll be when he eventually releases his comics digitally.

  7. As I said before- 

    The double feature comics were very enjoyable reads- great price.

    Smart options for availability- app- pdf.

    One bonus with a pdf format- easy for the pc and Printable.
    Love a page- you can have a physical copy.

    App wise- cool but with androids market share being huge now- let’s put out android apps concrurently.


  8. Jonathan-

    I have to say that’s one of the best- bullshit free answers to a fan question i have heard in ahile
    (me asking about your seemingly two different origins of SHIELD)

    However it turns out- I’ll be reading- thanks for the response. 

  9. “My Father deserves to have a father”. That line was so epically powerful in it’s own right. It really touched me. I love everything Hickman writes and certianly look forward to more interviews and more of his work and we see this shining star in comics rise. 

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