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Word Balloon Podcast – Jeph Loeb, Dean Haspiel & Seth Kushner, Steve Bryant

Show Notes

On this episode of Word Balloon: Jeph Loeb is back with a new edition of The Loeb Report! The Vice President of Marvel TV is here to talk about the 1-hour block of Ultimate Spider-Man and The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes! on Disney XD. Loeb also talks about the obvious positive impact Marvel’s The Avengers has had on Marvel’s live action TV shows in development including The Hulk. In addition, he addresses the rumors that The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes! might be cancelled after this current season. Loeb then teases details of his upcoming finish to his Wolverine Sabertooth saga with artist Simone Bianchi.

Then Dean Haspiel and Seth Kushner return to Word Balloon to discuss the TRIP CITY website, a multimedia hub for many Brooklyn creative artists.  Dean and Seth have been co-hosting the Trip City Podcast featuring peer-to-peer conversations between comic book creators, and other media creators and stars. Kushner is also here to talk about his photographic work in the new comics history book Leaping Tall Buildings written by Christopher Irving. Irving and Kushner produced an excellent look at creators from golden age stalwarts like Joe Simon Irwin Hassen and Jerry Robinson, to today’s web comic innovators. From mainstream to underground no era or genre of comics is ignored, and the profiles presented by the duo are unparallelled. Haspiel  talks about current projects like making the 6 page digital comic for THE DOORS mobile app, which depicts the band’s official point of view of the infamous Miami concert of March 1st, 1969. Haspiel also has a Godzilla Legends issue this month from IDW written by Bobby Kurnow, and a quirky upcoming 8 page Spider-Man story for Marvel later this year. The guys also discuss the Before Watchmen and Jack Kirby controversies, digital comics and more.

Finally Steve Bryant joins us to discuss his breaking good news as BOOM! Studios announced his appointment as the artist on their new ongoing Steed and Mrs. Peel series starting with a zero issue in August written by Mark Waid. Bryant is also preparing an Athena Voltaire Omnibus Volume for Dark Horse Comics Sequential Pulp imprint.

(Haspiel & Kushner images courtesy of Seth Kushner)


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