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Word Balloon Podcast – Halo’s Master Chief, Scott Lobdell, & Paul Jenkins

Show Notes

Today a triple feature on word balloon as we talk about the worlds of comic books and video games.

First up, Steve Downes a fellow radio announcer. Steve is the Morning Host of The Classic Rock radio station WDRV-FM: The Drive in Chicago and the syndicated rock documentary radio show The Classics, but to gamers and fans of Sci-Fi Steve is best known as the voice of Master Chief in the Halo games. Steve talks about his history with the character details on the upcoming Halo 4 game this Xmas, and what it’s like to be the voice of a cultural icon.

Then writer Scott Lobdell joins us to talk about his three DC books, Superboy, Teen Titans, and Red Hood and The Outlaws. Scott explains his pitch process for his new 52 books, his ideas behind the characterizations he’s chosen for both new and old characters, and we talk about the fan reaction to the titles, including last fal’ls outrage at the sexualization of the character Starfire.

We wrap things up with an insightful talk with Paul Jenkins who discusses his recent Marvel mini series like Ka-Zar and the aborted Captain America:Band Of Heroes, plus his DC work on Batman:The Dark Knight with David Finch and the Deadman arc in DC Universe Presents. Paul also gives us behind the scenes details on the new Darkness 2 Video game and his thoughts on the evolution of story telling in video games.  Paul also has news about his website and upcoming projects including some new creator owned comics.

Time Code
   00:00 – 32:29              Master Chief Steve Downes
   32:30 –  2:02:04          Scott Lobdell
2:02:05- End Of Show Paul Jenkins


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  1. Great episode, as usual!
    Scott Lobdell gets a lot of flak, mostly undue, and I don’t dig it. I’m not reading any of his three New 52 books, but I was surprised by the message boarders reactions to his return. I remember the Lobdell era X-books fondly. They were some of the first comics I ever bought with my meager mid-nineties allowance, and they were (and still are) some of my favorite superhero books from an era that is – rightly or wrongly – remembered for its more superficial excesses.

  2. though he did seem rather obssesed with internet opinions…:)

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