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Word Balloon Podcast – Ed Brubaker

Show Notes

Hours after Marvel press releases told readers about a new Captain America #1 coming to coincide with the film's release, Ed Brubaker returns to Word Balloon to give us the low down on how the book will play off characters and ideas explored in the film. We also discuss the Cap 70th anniversary issue, the #616.1 issue, as well as Bucky's current plight as a Russian prisoner surrounded by former Winter Soldier enemies looking for payback.

Ed talks about the Fear Itself Prologue, and provides some background plot ideas that didn't make it into the book, that further flesh out the flashback portion of the story.

Plus Ed's just wrapped up the latest Incognito arc. We discuss the story and the series future. Ed previews the return of Criminal with the new arc, Last Of The Innocent, a genre mash up up of Crime, 50's teen comics, and Dr. Fredrik Wertham's worst case scenarios of juvenile delinquency leading to adult deviance.


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  1. Great episode, as always

  2. I see why Ed described it on Twitter as the latest “magnum opus”.

    loving the discussion of Fear Itself and events/solicits/fans wanting to know how the story ends. I think a lot of the reason we don’t feel like we know what Fear Itself is about is because other than Ed’s prologue book, and some parts of Matt’s run on Thor, there hasn’t been any traditional lead-up. House of M, Civil War, World War Hulk, Secret Invasion, and Siege had all been built up by other stories, some of which took years to tell. Fear Itself is starting from scratch seemingly without using threads from elsewhere. Neither approach is better obviously, but I think that is what is different about this one.

    Also loved hearing about the next arc of Criminal, can’t wait. Thanks to you both for consistently providing some of my favorite episodes of Word Balloon.

  3. John described the Cap & Bucky book as a mini. Was that just an error on his part?

  4. yes it was .

  5. @ABirdseysView  I understand the idea of fans asking “where is this story coming from”, but Ed’s rustration was more about the people who ask “where is it leading to?”

    jesus, read the damn story, or don’t .

    then again, Bucky is still in the Gulag, and Marvel has just telegraphed that his situation will likely be resolved by the release of “Cap & Bucky”.

  6. Great interview as always.

    I agreed with Ed’s opinion of Lights Out. It was good at the start, but the more the family (his kids and wife) got involved the less interested I started becoming. Especially seeing the last episode, where it was all about the fight and how good that was. 

  7. John, Ed Brubaker is one of my favorite writers. I am so glad you did this interview, and did it so well. Word Balloon always makes my busy days at work enjoyable. Thanks!

    – Dom

  8. @wordballoon  – that wasn’t lost on me and I couldn’t agree more. I also feel like some people want to know, or at least second guess, the ending so they can judge before it’s over.

    the one I hate hearing is, “the plot is moving so slowly.” well, you don’t know if that’s true or not because you don’t know where the plot is going to end up. the sequence could be AX, BY and some will say it’s too slow because they don’t see C coming fast enough but what they should really be looking for is Z. I’m not sure if that analogy makes sense, but basically I agree with what you guys were saying on that, let the story play out before you criticize.

  9. 15 minutes in to my first ever Word Balloon podcast and I love it!

  10. @dgazzuolo  thanks Dom!

    @ChrisSnell  Welcome!

  11. Great episode. Can’t wait for more Criminal.

  12. This was also my first word baloon. im hooked! was wondering about the danish TV show he mentioned. Sounded great has anyone else seen it? I was also super bummed about ‘Lights Out’ being cancelled. Ed had a point about there being to much focus on the family at times. ‘Cinderalla Man” was a movie I avoided forever simply because of the name but I ended up really enjoying it. You guys made me want to look further into the history of numerous subjects. Thank You

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