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Word Balloon Podcast – Ed Brubaker Fan Q+A Part 1

Show Notes

On this episode of Word Balloon, we begin another two part talk with writer Ed Brubaker.

Ed answers some listener questions, and previews the new arc of Incognito with artist Sean Phillips which premieres next month from Marvel's Icon line. Ed talks about the pulp history articles in the back of each issue that are wrtitten by Jess Nevins, and why he thinks that at $3.50, Incognito is one of the better values on the comic book stands today.

We also look back at the first story arc of Secret Avengers, and the Secret Life of Max Fury issue, with former Iron Fist collaborators David Aja and Michael Lark.

Plus lots of analysis of Ed’s Captain America run, including the current Steve Rogers: Super Soldier mini series, and the upcoming Trial of Captain America story.

Also, Ed Brubaker reveals his personal feelings about event books, including his unique take on one of the classic 80’s crossover tales.

We conclude with a short talk with Jeremy Bastian creator of The Cursed Pirate Girl and his current Kickstarter program.


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  1. It’s really nice to see that some of today’s talent are still influenced by the pulps.

  2. Very cool, will jump on this interview.  Wish more criminal work was coming out, but also enjoy incognito.

  3. Ed says it in the interview, that  to keep him and Sean fresh they like rotating between Criminal and Incognito arcs. 

  4. Always a treat.  Thanks very much, John and Ed.

  5. Prince of Orphans is going to be fun in Secret Avengers.

  6. Things I learned from listening to this podcast: Siuntres is a popular guy and his phone keep on going off 😉 I kid. Only a half hour into this and so far it’s been really great.

  7. Sorry about the glitches at the start of the show. they have been fixed.



  8. Ed’s a dude. I love him 

  9. let it be known that you can, in fact, box train a ferret.  it’s not 100% perfect, but it can be done.

    also Brubaker yields the best episodes of Word Balloon, every time. 

  10. John, you de man!

  11. Great interview. Thanks to both Ed and John.

    Nice to hear Ed’s comments on Chandler having to rewrite Cain, read versus spoken dialogue, etc.  

    A note about Billy Wilder: I believe he tripped another director on his way to the Oscar stage, when Wilder should’ve won and didn’t (iirc). Another of Mr. Chandler’s complaints was that Mr. Wilder wore his hat indoors. Cheers. 

  12. Sleeper rocked. Really enjoying Criminal and Incognito (not to mention the fact Brubaker’s Captain America kicks ass).

    Sean Phillips’s art is great. I really enjoy the gritty feel. Awesome use of shadow. I just watched 30 noir films in 33 days or so (thanks to Bendis and Brubaker), and now have an even greater appreciation of Sean’s style.

    P.S. I believe it was Leo McCarey that Billy Wilder tripped on his way to the stage. (The year he was nominated for Double Indemnity.)

  13. Did I hear John mention the possibility of a new or continued Alien Worlds? I loved Pacific, Eclipse and Kitchen Sink comics back in the early direct market creator-owned independent era.

    Spicy Zeppelin Tales? Count me in.

  14. You answered one of my questions: Does Ed thumbnail or suggest shots and angles to artists? But I think you just happened to ask it in conversation. So thanks for that. Cheers.

  15. Interesting to hear what he says about Secret Wars. It was 1984, I was 23, and there was a whole new wave of independent, B&W comics coming out from companies like Pacific, Eclipse, Fantagraphics, and Kitchen Sink. I was already reading stuff from Last Gasp and Rip-Off Press. Marvel and I veered away from each other for a few years there. I bought more stuff like Savage Tales and less Amazing Spider-Man.

    Some great books he names there, too. Not Brand Ecch, Werewolf by Night, Man-Thing. Ah, the 70s.

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