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Word Balloon Podcast – Brian Azzarello & Phil Hester

Show Notes

On this episode of Word Balloon, it's another double feature with top creators in conversation. First Brian Azzarello talks about his Flashpoint: Batman Knight of Vengeance mini series with Eduardo Risso, and the differences between Thomas and Bruce Wayne. We compare the different Batman stories Azzarello has told, from Joker, Broken City, and the weekly Wednesday Comics. We also discuss his new Vertigo science fiction series with Risso, Spaceman. It premiered in the Strange Adventures anthology and will begin its first arc in the fall.

Brian also talks about the coming DC Reboot, and his thoughts on if his storytelling would change to cater to this new potential digital audience.

Then, Phil Hester talks about co-writing the new Bionic Man comic series, adapted from a unproduced Kevin Smith screenplay. Just like their Green Hornet collaboration, Hester and Smith tweak the script and Jonathan Lau handles the art chores.

Phil also talks about his continuing work on The Green Hornet, which he now co-writes with his regular inking partner Ande Parks. He discusses the wrap ups to his run on The Darkness (which ends with issue #100) to Wonder Woman: Odyssey and the transition to the DC reboot., plus his work on IDWs Godzilla with Eric Powell.


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  1. Wow someone get Azzarello some coffee!

  2. @ericmci  Agreed. Especially hearing the interview with Phi Hester afterward. It seemed like Azzarello didn’t want to be interviewed, but went through the motions.

  3. @ScottB  @ericmci  Not so boys. Much like the reason I like President Obama, Azz just likes to be sure how he answers a question before he does. He THINKS before he talks. The guy wants to answer but also wants t make sure he’s not spoiling his stories.

    I don’t think Azz likes to be interviewed in general, but he does come back everytime I ask him. 

  4. Johnny Sunchips-

    Maybe I should have said whiskey- I got the impression he doesnt care for interviews period but did what he could for the WB.  
    Still enjoyed hearing it- just couldn’t mistake the dentist chair effect as you said.
    Hester is always a good listen too.


  5. Ooooh! I was really hoping to hear Azz talk WW!

    But Hester doing so is a great thing as well.

  6. azz actually sounds a lot more chipper in this one than in previous wordballoons. still, great interview

  7. I disagree, John always does his thing well, but azz was just…ewww.

  8. @wordballoon  

    “Cowboy Bebop”, “Samurai Champloo”, and “Detective Story” are all directed by Shinchiro Watanabe (sp?).  Three of the best japanese anime stories to be told.

    Good interviews, but I want the rest of the Romita interview! 

  9. Also Mr. Sunchips, I’d like to hear an interview with Eastman or someone who might be able to shed some more light on the new TMNT book that’s coming out soon. Any chance of that?

  10. John you always strike me as a masterful interviewer, your first guest on the other hand was like blood from a stone.

  11. @TheSquirrel  Re: Romita part 2-we’ll get to it, but frankly John was very busy and literally had to hang up seconds after what you heard ended. 

    The holiday weekend and me being busy has kept me from scheduling with John to finish up. I may get to him before SDCC or after, it depends on our equal schedules. 

    Re: Eastman – Gotta be honest, I’m not the biggest Turtles fan. You may have to look elsewhere for any TMNT talk. 

  12. @wordballoon  Aww alright. 🙂 well thanks for the great interviews, found a bunch of new stuff to read from these.  And thanks for the response. 🙂

  13. When Brian talks he is fine. But during the interview I forgot Brian was even on. John would talk…and silence and John would talk again …..and silence …………10 minutes Brian says…….Ok.  that is pretty much the interview.  LOL

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