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Word Balloon Podcast – Brad Meltzer

Show Notes

Author Brad Meltzer is back to discuss his brand new novel The Inner Circle, which uncovers the details behind George Washington's secret intelligence organization which was created during the Revolutionary War and acted during his time as President. Was the organization disbanded, or does it continue today?

We also talk about the fine points behind his new History Channel program, Brad Meltzer's Decoded. The show's format is part documentary, part reality show, part mystery solving, all with a very entertaining narrative. Brad talks about the challenges of creating a television series in today's competitive market.

Plus we look back at his run on Dark Horse Comics Buffy The Vampire Slayer penultimate arc "TWILIGHT", which revealed season eight's Big Bad, and set the stage for Joss Whedon's finale.



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  1. Great episode. Possibly the only comics writer with White House anecdotes.

  2. ^In the interview Meltzer said that Neil Gaiman was there at the same get-together.

    John, why all the insults to Jesse Ventura? I also think his show is over the top, and I don’t like his presentation or agree with all of his conclusions, but you act like Ventura just puts out lies or something. I get the feeling that you like Meltzer’s program more because it’s so much safer and non-relevant. The biggest secret he can uncover is that some fairly low-level official 150 years ago may not have committed suicide but was instead murdered? That’s cool information, but in the end today it’s just trivia. Ventura at least asks relevant questions, and even if I disagree with his interpretations, his show has so much more research put in it than Meltzer’s does. That’s not an insult to Meltzer.

    Meltzer’s a good writer, but when it comes to understanding history, he seems so very safe and tame and interested only in factoids about things like presidents’ favorite ice cream flavors. If *I* wanted to get conspiratorial, I’d suggest that Bush & co. only invited him into the “inner circle” because they knew they could count on him to be so impressed with their fame that he’d never get close to any critical thinking that would expose anything unpleasant. The result is a bunch of fiction and entertainment that is interesting on some level, but it seems like such an apology and whitewash.

    It’s a total straw-man argument to say that anything that questions government is akin to saying that “thre Freemasons are going to eat our babies!” Total straw-man argument. I thought the media was supposed to speak truth to power, not provide amusing trivia. Come on, man, less laughing along with the crowd. Ask harder questions and stop being so dismissive of anything that questions your pre-existing opinions about the world.

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