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Word Balloon Podcast – Bendis/Simonson, DC’s Rood & Wayne, BOOM’s Ross Richie, and the Bendis Tapes Part 1

Show Notes

The latest Word Balloon is chock full of news and conversation.

First, we take you inside Tuesday’s Marvel press conference call, as they announced legendary Marvel artist Walter Simonson would be drawing Brian Michael Bendis’ final Avengers arc starting with April’s #25. You’ll hear Bendis and Simonson talk about their first ever collaboration. Brian also previews April’s new Avengers Assembled series with artist Mark Bagley .

Then DC Vice Presidents John Rood and Bob Wayne join us to talk about the Diamond Sales Numbers from December. The horse race between DC and Marvel stayed tight, with Marvel edging out DC, but there was plenty for DC to brag about, having 8 of the top 10 books. We also talk about the new back-up features in Batman and Detective comics, and some retailer questions about what DC will be doing for the 4 months this year that have 5 Wednesdays, plus how the pre “New 52” trades will be marketed moving forward.

Next, BOOM! Studios publisher Ross Richie joins us to talk about the Ka-Boom! line of children’s comics, like the new Peanuts monthly and the upcoming Adventure Time series. Ross also talks about licensed books like The Planet Of The Apes series, the re-release of Grant Morrison’s British Avengers Steed and Mrs Peel, Too Much Coffee Man creator Shannon Wheeler’s books, and more. Ross also assess the success and strategies of DC and Marvel, since becoming bigger parts of their corporate media synergy plans.

Finally, we begin a new Bendis Tapes session with questions from Brian’s JINXWORLD message board .

Time Cues
0:00:00 – 0:23:30 – Marvel Press Conference
0:23:31 – 0:41:12 –  DC Vice Presidents John Rood Bob Wayne
0:41:13 – 1:37:23 – Boom! Studios publisher Ross Richie
1:37:24 – 2:50:23 – The Bendis Tapes, Part 1


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  1. I’m really digging this long podcasts 🙂

    • I’m the opposite. I’m not a fan of these double or triple features. Ipods can be touchy jumpy trying to find the right point for the next interview

    • @Bluestreak: I like the long episodes, but you’re right, seeking on a click-wheel iPod sucks (why you can’t scrub with the click-wheel, I don’t know).

      If you’re only interested in one interview, try this: Play the podcast in iTunes, find the point in the podcast that you want, pause the podcast and THEN sync it to your iPod. When you play the podcast on the iPod it will resume at the point you left it on your computer.

  2. Fantastic episode, John. I love these longer episodes; the extra content enforces much-needed longer workouts at the gym. It’s win-win!

    Keep up the great work, mate. I’ll be sure to donate a few bucks to the Word Balloon cause.

  3. Great episode Johh. really loving the topics and guests you bring to the show.

    wanted to give you some feedback..i really like the longer episodes with the 2 and 3 part “segments” for different guests. Gives me a nice place to pause the show and come back to it in a day or two while at work. Helps spread out the fun across the week as well. The new show notes thing you’ve been doing has been really helpful for hat as well.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Great Podcast as always. I really liked the Ross Richie interview. You can hear all the enthusiasm and excitement has for BOOM! and the comics industry in general.

    Will you be doing another interview with Marty Pascoe?

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