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Word Balloon Podcast – Bendis Tapes, DC VPs, and Lauren Sankovitch

Show Notes

On this episode of Word Balloon we not only wrap up the latest edition of the Bendis Tapes, we also talk to Brian one day after the shocking events of Avengers Vs X-Men #11. We talk about the story beats of the issue, and the ramifications of the issue’s climax.

Check the Time Code below to avoid the spoiler details if you haven’t read the issue yet, and have dodged the massive news coverage.

Then it’s time for our monthly conversation with Bob Wayne and John Cunningham from DC Comics. We look back at the first year of “The New 52”, and what to expect from this month’s #0 issues .

We wrap up with Marvel editor Lauren Sankovitch, who talks about the Marvel NOW! books she oversees, like Captain America, Winter Soldier, Thor: God Of Thunder, Journey Into Mystery, and more. Lauren talks about the new creators on some of the books and new directions for the story arcs. We also talk about how Marvel’s AR app is changing the way editors map out stories.


00:00-31:58 Bendis Talks AvX 11 (SPOILER WARNING)

31:58-1:18:10 Bendis Tapes Part 3

1:18:11-1:33:24 DC Comics Bob Wayne and John Cunnigham

1:33:25- End Of Show Marvel Editor Lauren Sankovitch


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