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Word Balloon Podcast – Art Baltazar and Franco on The DC Reboot

Show Notes

On this episode of Word Balloon we take an initial look at the DC Reboot news with Art Baltazar and Franco Aurelliani of Tiny Titans and Young Justice.

We compare this reboot to the new titles and character shifts that happened after the original Crisis on Infinite Earths, and speculate on the possible changes to come post-Flashpoint.

Then, Moonstone Books Laurie Gentile joins us to discus this Saturday's one day free convention in Central Illinois,  Fantasy Con at the Kankakee Public Library, featuring  DC creators Gene Ha, Don Kramer, Tim Seeley, and more.


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  1. Oh My!! You revealed Franco’s lastname.

  2. this sounds like a great episode. can’t wait to listen later today…

  3. We got a lot of good stories out of Slott and the creative team that was rotating around during Brand New Day
    But we got them b/c of the calibre of writing. Not the stunt.

    Show me one story- that couldn’t have been done with the marriage.

    All that was – was to atrract attention- it worked but nothing about mehphisto making peter single
    contributed to a better story.

    What- Carly screaming and yelling at Peter was something anyone tuned in to see?

    This DC move- is a whole different move- (so it would seem)

    Earle Cooper was Batman’s mechanic in the animated series-
    While I thought he was cool it always seemed a little disingenous- b/c like Franco said- Batman is a supah genius-  It seemed to me he didn’t need to risk the security or put someone in danger like that
    He would design and maintain it himself.

  4. @ericmci  I like the idea that Parker is single again. I hope the same happens to Lois and Clark. 

  5. I think it would actually work better for Lois and Clark somehow – to me there has always been a distance to their relatioship in the marriage- maybe mixing it up and adding the dating aspect they had originally would work.

    But Peter and Mary-Jayne just seemed so much a part of each other’s lives but that could be personal- I am sure a lot of Gwen Stacey fans would argue.

    However my point is- what about Peter being single contirbuted to an interesting story?

    What about it helped tell a better story?

    You can like him being single -that’s cool but I have to point out I have heard you ask these very same questions on Word Balloon.

  6. @ericmci  when I read both, they were single and while Lois and MJ were THE ONES, it’s nice to have things unresolved to allow the couples to discover others. 

    In both superman and Spider-man’s cases, I like the idea of the hero being single and having to deal with potentially conflicting relationships. Lana Lang has been useless since boy scout Clark can’t cheat on his wife.

    same with Peter now able to pursue Carly, Black Cat, or whomever. 

  7.  can’t be be the only one who thinks Pairing up Diana with batman or Superman is bad for Diana.  

    You’re taking the only Female character in comics who is her own independent franchise and essentually making her an agunct to a male character like every other female character in the DCU. Isn’t this kind of the opposite of What Wonderwoman is suppose to represent?

    And I have no faith that DC can write WW competently if she is Superman or Batman’s girlfriend. They have a knack for turning their powerful female characters into sad sacks the minute they pair up with a male superhero. Black Canary is a prime example, She is way more powerful then Green Arrow, but for some reason she becomes less compotant when she’s around him.

  8. @newway12  Did you feel that way when they paired up Wonder Woman and Batman in the Justice League cartoon? Because that was fantastic.

  9. Well I suppose if and when we get some compelling stories about Peter being single we’ll know that worked.
    Bc so far- one issue of sleeping with black cat and a character noone likes(carly) = bubkiss

    But I will say – I hope Peter pursues the girl from the bank that Jason Aaron has been working with in the wolverine team up.

  10. @conor  I agree. That Joe Kelly JLA stuff with Batman & WW was great!

  11. I say this out of love from a guy who has read but never commented on these boards AND a life time fan and listener of iFanboy and wordballon.

    John, this was the most meandering and convuluted conversation show you have ever had.  It was a real step back.  I was screaming in my head for you to drive the conversation because I really wanted to get your thoughts and speculation on the DC reboot, but good lord man were you guys high?

    I say this out of love, I listen almost all your podcasts, I just hope this isn’t a trend! 

  12. @CalvinBallAllStar 

    My goodness, maybe this wasn’t the strongest show, but to register to say that… Here’s hoping you praised in the past where praise was due.

    I’d say one weaker show does not indicate a trend.

  13. @CalvinBallAllStar oh well. try the next one.

  14. I know we dont these are free, but I feel it best to point out when those we are fond of are slipping. 
    That’s all. 

  15. You know I generally think that wordballoon is pretty nonpartisan, and I love your podcast John, but I don’t need to hear these guest also-rans bashing marvel. “what about ultimate line”, nice defensiveness there sparkplug….

    Gotta love a guy that brings up marvel specifically to whine about them. Especially considering how often DC retcons their entire universe. The fact is plenty of naysayers are DC fans *ahem*

    No change isn’t neccesarily a bad thing, but it isn’t neccesarily a good thing, by any means.

  16. @conor I agree, that JL unlimited stuff w/ Diana and Bruce was fantastic.Batman is such a stoic character, it’s nice when he lets his guard down slightly. I’d love to see a relationship between the two of them as part of this reboot. Although a full on dating senario might be weird. It was great the way they flirted in the cartoon. That sexual tension set the mood but nothing ever really came of it.

    Anyway… love the podcast guys, keep up the good work.

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