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Word Balloon Jeff Lemire and TNT’s Falling Skies Cast

Show Notes

It's a timely double feature, as Jeff Lemire talks about his DC Flashpoint mini-series, Frankenstein and the Creatures of the Unknown, which spins off into one of the new 52 DC Reboot titles, plus his coming take on Animal Man. We also talk about his continuing Vertigo saga Sweet Tooth, and wrapping up his run on Superboy. Jeff tells us about learning that his take on The Boy Of Steel was coming to a close, and the excitement of pitching the new take on The Creature Commandos. We also talk about his great new origin of Ultra: The Mutil Alien, in the recent Strange Adventures anthology.

Plus I interview the stars and producers of TNT's new science fiction summer series Falling Skies, featuring actors Noah Wiley and Moon Bloodgood, plus Co-Executive Producer Mark Verheiden, and Director Greg Beeman. You'll hear about the show, and the comic book prequel currently free online and coming in print from Dark Horse Comics. The show debuts this Sunday at 9pm Eastern/Pacific on TNT.


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  1. You really do sound like you’re going through puberty again John!

    Great show tho. 

  2. I know. Skype weirdness…

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