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Pick of the Week #55 – Fables #55

Show Notes

Quite frankly, this episode was cursed. We haven’t had one of these “plagued by technical problems” shows in a while!

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Running Time: 00:58:10

Pick of the Week:
00:01:45 – Josh chooses Fables #55 as the Pick of the Week and Conor and Ron have nothing to say.

00:07:50 – Technical difficulties ensue.

00:12:52 – If you like Phonogram #3 are you too cool for school?

00:17:07 – Ron tells of seeing a ukulele band performing “Purple Rain” in San Francisco.

More Comics:
00:17:52 – Before heading off to the airport, Ron recommends Franklin Richards: Happy Franksgiving.
00:20:06 – Conor was lukewarm on Batman #658.
00:23:15 – Josh and Conor both loved Doctor Strange: The Oath #2
00:25:02 – Conor loved Bullet Points #1! Thanks, Chris Morley!

Trade Talk:
00:29:02 – Heeding the call from people posting on iFanboy.com, Josh & Conor explain why they love Invincible.

Podcast Feud:
00:35:16 – Conor takes it to Augie De Blieck Jr. from The Pipeline Podcast.

00:36:11 – Matt wants a .WAV file of Conor saying “ooOOoo” and wants to know about the Wildstorm Universe.
00:38:13 – Paul from Edinburgh, Scotland asks how we feel about the Ultimate books.
00:40:50 – Miguel from Ithaca, NY posits a conundrum about Wolverine and asks who would win in a fight — Deathstroke or The Taskmaster.
00:43:53 – Patrick wants his comic destroying girlfriend to stop reading his comics.

00:45:56 – Stan Lee (or so he says) calls in to babble.
00:47:00 – Jan asks the ultimate who would win question.
00:47:48 – Andy Lawler from Charlotte, NC thinks Ultimate Spider-Man has sucked lately.
00:49:58 – Kirby from Orlando, FL wants to know what we think about Heroes.

00:00:00 – Another big week for the Frappr map. We’re at 510! and got some great comments. Check them out!

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“Common People”

“Common People”
William Shatner (with Joe Jackson and Ben Folds)


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