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Pick of the Week #80 – Nova #2

Show Notes

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Running Time: 00:59:54

Pick of the Week:
00:01:30 – Ron followed his destiny for this Pick of the Week, Nova #2.

00:12:24 – Nearing the end of this title, Ron and Conor are both still big fans of Green Arrow #74.
00:16:18 – The guys simply cannot come to a consensus on the new Marvel Zombies: Dead Days.
00:22:41 – Conor would have gone with Countdown #51. Josh needs clearing up, and Ron still doesn’t know what year it is in DC. Also check out How Was Countdown for some analysis.
00:29:56 – Who saw the Ronin reveal coming in The New Avengers #30? Everyone!
00:33:26 – Phonogram #6 finishes up pretty strong… if you’re into that kind of thing.

00:37.20 – Henrik from Stockholm wants to know what characters and artists we avoid at all costs.
00:41:10 – David from Southern California wants to know what the hell is deal with Japanese comics!? The best we can do is make some guesses.
00:44:30 – Tracy from Roanoke, VA wants to know how come there are so many boys in comics, but so few girls.
00:48:00 – Dave from Tacoma Park, MD thinks The Walking Dead is overdoing the splash pages.

00:52:50 – An unknown confused person wants us to give them a quick rundown of 52 and Strangers in Paradise and we’re not gonna do it.
00:54:22 – Cameron from San Diego is having paranoid fantasies about the Hulk.
00:55:56 – John from Brooklyn, NY wants to know if iFanboy is going to be at WizardWorld Philadelphia, and we have to break the bad news to him.

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