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2007 All Media Year End Roundup

Show Notes

It’s our third annual All Media Year End Roundup where we discuss everything we enjoyed in 2007 from movies, to TV, to IPTV, to music, to video games and of course, comics. As an added bonus, comments are open for you to discuss your 2007 picks. Enjoy!

Running Time: 02:36:14

This week’s show is sponsored by Jim Hanley’s Universe and NetFlix!

00:02:32 – Hot Fuzz
00:04:40 – Zodiac
00:06:30 – Once
00:08:50 – Superbad/Knocked Up
00:12:39 – No Country For Old Men
00:15:47 – American Gangster
00:18:00 – Control
00:20:44 – Across the Universe
00:23:55 – I Am Legend
00:27:29 – 300
00:29:15 – 3:10 To Yuma
00:31:25 – Charlie Wilson’s War
00:38:47 – In The Land of Women
00:40:35 – Ratatouille

00:44:10 – Lost
00:46:25 – Pushing Daisies
00:51:45 – Mad Men
00:55:24 – 30 Rock
00:57:57 – ER
01:01:13 – My Name is Earl
01:03:02 – The Office
01:06:34 – Battlestar: Galactica
01:07:57 – Take Home Chef
01:09:58 – House
01:10:51 – Gossip Girl
01:13:43 – The Shield
01:16:13 – Life
01:18:17 – Dirty Sexy Money
01:20:27 – Weeds

01:24:51 – Tekzilla
01:27:21 – Take Away Shows
01:28:32 – Ask a Ninja
01:29:53 – TikiBar TV
01:30:39 – The Show with zeFrank
01:32:16 – The Merlin Show

Video Games:
01:34:24 – Skate
01:36:53 – Guitar Hero III
01:40:28 – Rock Band
01:40:55 – Wii

01:44:27 – Of Montreal
01:45:45 – Spoon
01:47:57 – Against Me!
01:49:04 – Cake
01:51:06 – Voxtrot
01:51:54 – Radiohead
01:53:10 – Dinosaur Jr.
01:55:26 – The Shins
01:58:14 – Rufus Wainwright
01:59:11 – Jimmy Eat World
02:00:10 – Morrissey

02:01:36 – Invincible
02:03:41 – Fables
02:04:50 – The Green Arrow books
02:06:26 – Fear Agent
02:07:10 – Captain America
02:09:03 – Astonishing/Uncanny X-Men
02:09:56 – 52
02:10:33 – Powers
02:11:23 – Justice Society of America
02:12:26 – Booster Gold
02:13:28 – Scalped
02:14:31 – Ghost Stories, Vol. 2
02:16:08 – Criminal
02:18:00 – The Walking Dead
02:20:26 – Dynamo 5

Comic Events:
02:21:50 – 52/Countdown
02:22:05 – Messiah Complex
02:22:12 – World War Hulk
02:22:36 – Secret Invasion
02:22:47 – One More Day
02:23:33 – Sinestro War

The Two Best People Working in Comics – 2007:
02:24:59 – Geoff Johns
02:27:51 – Brian Michael Bendis

02:33:37 – Check out Will & Juan’s 2007 Video Game Review on the iFanboy Forums!

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“A Sentence of Sorts In Kongsvinger”
Of Montreal


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  1. Havent listened yet, but thanks for doing all of your shows in this last year. Please keep up the good work.

  2. I love that, looking at the show notes, all of the major comic events of the year are summarized in roughly fifteen seconds each.

  3. God, I love these. Can’t wait to listen!

  4. hey Ron, how can you say that 300 is better than Persepolis?

  5. Umm… I see an [..]a.mp3 file thats 50 meg, but not a [..]b.mp3. Great show, but now I’m going crazy with anticipation for the rest. Hope it goes up soon.

  6. Yeah, this is only half.

  7. Hey guys – sorry if you’re having trouble accessing the show – we’re working on fixing the direct download – but if you can use itunes to download or load the mp3 in your browser (don’t right click and choose save as, just regular click it) That should work…

    I’ll keep you updated as I work on this

  8. Ok, I added a player to this page so you can listen to the whole podcast from this page, it’s above the show notes, can’t miss it – I tested it and it worked, so you should be able to hear all 2.5hrs (dear lord) of the show…

    Sorry about the direct download problem, I’m continuing to investigate it with our host.


  9. thanks ron. iTunes is a go, but single click… a no-go. Just FYI. keep up the great work with the show.

  10. How on earth does Bendis rate above Brubaker this year…

    Brubaker has Bendis on range, structure, and ORIGINALITY.

    Bendis has Brubaker on cliches, nostalgia, and on writing dialog that sounds like something adults-who-want-to-be-teenagers would think real teenagers sound like. I am a fan but I do not marvel at how effortlessly he seems to write so many decompressed issues in so short a time.

  11. “Bendis has Brubaker on cliches, nostalgia, and on writing dialog that sounds like something adults-who-want-to-be-teenagers would think real teenagers sound like.”

    I have a new favourite poster.
    Where were you five years ago? *swoon*

  12. Hear hear, qw` and Mike Haseloff. Don’t forget how in team books all of Bendis’ characters sound exactly the same. But I guess that’s handy– it removes the need to actually follow the word balloons to see who’s saying what.

  13. So I suppose none of you guys at going to be picking up any of the Skrull stories then? I always hear people talk about Bendis overratitude, but all those people keep buying his books, every time.

    And it think it can hardly be said that we didnt give Brubaker enough love this year.

    The thing about Bendis’ dialog is this. No it doesn’t always sound like real people talk (real people don’t fly either usually.) but neither does Aaron Sorkin’s or David Mamet’s dialog. But I like hearing those characters talk enough that I don’t really care how real it is. I like his style, and either you like that or you don’t.

  14. these are always the highlight of the year for podcasts, not only that but 2 and a half hours. Thanks a lot guys. All you hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed!
    i can’t wait to listen to this

    ps: bendis rules!

  15. “I always hear people talk about Bendis overratitude, but all those people keep buying his books, every time.”
    Presumably you’re insinuating the obsessive compulsive reader, which is someone I really cannot appreciate, and am not about to defend.

    That said, I wouldn’t blame anyone, like myself, for measuring projects on their individual merits. I don’t think poor writing on USM (said with confidence) is cause for a Bendis-wide boycott when Daredevil might be hitting it out of the park.

    Of course, that also doesn’t rule out another House of M, which would make skipping Skrull Invasion deliciously easy. :-p

    “No it doesn’t always sound like real people talk (real people don’t fly either usually.) but neither does Aaron Sorkin’s or David Mamet’s dialog.”

    But then, let’s be honest, it’s not the reality of the dialogue that’s really the issue.

    As much as I would say the stuttered tedium of Bendis’ dialogue is deserving of ridicule, I would willingly submit that – for me – the only reason it’s a subject of debate is because of it’s grosse misrepresentation as a glaring positive (re; the five years ago reference).

    If there’s any doubt about the power of word-of-mouth promotion, I think the first few years of USM confirm it. The dribble of unconfident regurgitation that was the Wizard-style praise of ‘realistic teen dialogue’, transferred like a zombie plague from one uncertain reader, to another, undoubtedly sustained the books high sales early on, and I believe continues to be a symptom experienced by those reading.

    Just to add a vague hint of weight to what is ultimate an indirect accusation, I would point to iFanboy’s own waning interest in the title some months back.
    From what I observed, even on Bendis’ own message board, this was hardly a unique scenario. I think the benefit of time has slowly recast the work of USM, and as much as it represents an acceptable niche of TPB reading, I don’t know how well that score translates over 100+ issues.

    Mamet might be known for his dialogue, but I don’t know if I’ve seen it be the focus of praise for sizable portions of his career.
    I think fans decrying USM would have to admit, it’s that perception that grinds more than the dialogue itself.

  16. Josh: I think what you write about Bendis’ dialogue is true– it’s a very stylized, unrealistic dialogue, a la Sorkin’s West Wing characters– and either you like it or you don’t. I guess I’ve concluded that I don’t.

    Now, for some reason, it irks me much more in team books than solo books. It irks me more where there are 5-6 characters on panel all speaking in exactly the same voice (New Avengers), than where there are only 1-2 characters speaking in the same voice (Alias).

    I think it also bothers me more where the characters who’re all speaking in the same, “Bendisy” voice are well-established characters whose voices I think I know. Again, e.g., New Avengers. Whereas, when it’s characters like those in Powers, or Jessica Jones in Alias, it doesn’t bother me nearly as much.

    Anyway, to your question whether I’ll be buying the Skrull books: I hope not. In fact, I’ve been trying to make myself drop New Avengers. This might be my New Years’ Resolution: to not keep buying books just because they’re supposedly “important,” OR because a lot of other people like them. You, Conor, and Ron– along I assume with a lot of other people all like New Avengers– and so I keep buying it, ignoring how the dialogue and extreme decompression don’t sit well with me. Also, this is where the Skrull thing will supposedly be playing out (although so far that’s been ever so slow), so I keep buying it.

    But in truth, I read these issues and they bother me more than entertain me. So hopefully I’ll have the strength in this New Year to say “those guys like New Avengers, God Bless ‘Em, they can read it, I don’t have to— we don’t all have to read and like the same things.”

  17. Mike, I just don’t agree with anything you said there. But you said your piece, and I don’t think anyone is going to change your mind.

    Jim, I hear what you’re saying, and I have heard others say the same. It’s a valid point of view, I think, and I think if you’re not liking the book consistently, you shouldn’t be buying it. Should be an easy call.

    We made our choices, and we’re sticking by them!

  18. I listened to the intro and meant to listen to the rest of the podcast but haven’t yet. I’ve been to busy listening to Of Montreal.

  19. Josh and everyone re: Bendis: to each his own!

    On another subject: Josh, in the year-end show you referenced the reader out there who might be reading through Fables for the first time right now in trade… that’s me! Today I finished the 4th trade, and it is amazing. I plan to switch to issues once I get caught up, as I did with Invincible and Walking Dead. But until then, I’m loving these trades, which I pretty much read in one sitting each time.

  20. These reviews are great. Really enjoyed it. Read the first two volumes of Ghost Stories this past week and they are incredible.

    When do you guys find time to sleep or conversely, how much do you guys spend on amphetamines?

  21. “Mike, I just don’t agree with anything you said there.”
    You think people who don’t like Bendis’ dialogue in USM should skip his entire body of work? :-p

    As much as fervor around Bendis’ dialogue is a reactionary debate, I don’t think that should discount legitimate critique.

    I would’ve loved to have heard some grittier counterpoints, but I suppose I just enjoy discourse.

    I’d actually give him some credit in team books. There’s definitely a very specific common tone, but I do think there are degrees of seperation to be recognised between characters. He’s speaking in a very specific context, but Wolverine is recognisably Wolverine.

    Context and tone, I think, is also what made it work so disgracefully well on Daredevil. As simple as it would be to be pro-Bendis, or anti-Bendis, I think the degrees make it difficult to make that decision with any intelligence or assessment of the actual work.

    Pace seems to be a common complaint, but I think Daredevil, even sitting in a basement for six issues, represents a compelling example of how that can contribute to a very strong atmosphere.

    Of course, Daredevil also didn’t have a bunch of characters stuttering and yammering like “realistic teen” idiots.

  22. Tales From The Farm was Vol. 1 of Ghost Stories, it sounds like you’re saying there’s a Ghost Stories Vol. 1. It’s just Vol. 1 and 2 of Essex County.

  23. What a great show! I can’t wait to track down Ghost Stories and start reading it. I was surprised you didn’t mention Short Comings or Scott Pilgrim, but I guess those are not that new really. Keep up the good work. I love these super long shows, it makes work tolerable.

  24. I gotta admit, I was surprised by your movie picks. They were really good. I mean, “Once”? That was my favorite flick of the year as well. I’ve only been listening to your podcast for a few months, and what I was expecting was another “300 was the best movie of the year!” type response. But you guys really know your movies. You just jumped up a few notches in my book, guys.

  25. Great show–it was fun hearing all your picks. I was really glad to hear what Conor said about Charlie Wilson’s war. He synthesized exactly what bugs me about that movie

  26. Yeah, I’ve got to say that, although I watched it a bit too late for the show, Once was like the best thing I’ve seen in some time. I’m just backing up Conor here, but I really loved that.

  27. Direct Download should be working now – let us know if you run into any issues.

  28. just got around to listening to this…

    I love Rock Band more than anything in the world.

  29. On a less combative note… Damien Lewis as Vic Sage/The Question? :-p

  30. I hate to nit pick but… Josh You reffered to “Never Gonna Give You Up” as a Barry White song. I am sure you will remember that it was actually Rick Astley. Sorry, but I had to say something. Anyway great show guys.

  31. I might have gotten the title a bit off, but I’m most assuredly thinking of the Barry White song. The title is “Never, Never Gonna Give You Up.”

  32. The way you pitched Weeds it sounds like Saving Grace:


    anyone say that? great movie.

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