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Pick of the Week #97 – Buffy the Vampire Slayer #6

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With Josh still in Ireland, this week we welcome special guest host Tom Katers from Around Comics! And the Pick of the Week is brought to you by… Christoper Walken?

This week’s iFanboy Pick of the Week is sponsored by Jim Hanley’s Universe and NetFlix!

Running Time: 01:04:48

Pick of the Week:
00:02:18 – In a week he was overloaded with books, Conor selected Buffy the Vampire Slayer #6 as his Pick of the Week!

00:10:48 – Opinions are all over the place on The Amazing Spider-Man #544.
00:20:12 – Continuity issues aside, Captain America: The Chosen #1 was fantastic.
00:24:09 – The return of Guggenheim to Wolverine #57 was met with mixed reactions.
00:29:33 – Tom Katers loved Modok’s 11 #3!
00:32:13 – Conor & Tom really enjoyed Black Canary: Wedding Planner.
00:34:22 – Ron was bewildered by The Outsiders #50.
00:37:32 – Tom Katers also loved Metal Men #2!

00:40:33 – Nick just re-read Civil War and upon second reading thinks it failed.
00:44:43 – Greg from Bakersfield, CA wants to know about non-DC and Marvel crossovers.

00:49:08 – Kyle form Chicago, IL wants to know what iFanboy thinks of manga.

00:54:35 – Tom Katers tells us about his podcast, Around Comics.
00:56:58 – The 100th episode is coming up and you can come watch it recorded live! Find out the details.
00:58:10 – Come see iFanboy live on stage! We’ll be appearing on The Comic Book Club!

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