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Pick of the Week #102 – Green Arrow and Black Canary #1

Show Notes

This week’s iFanboy Pick of the Week is sponsored by Jim Hanley’s Universe and NetFlix!

Running Time: 01:00:56

Pick of the Week:
00:01:38 – Ron finally came around on the wedding night cliff-hanger and selected Green Arrow and Black Canary #1 as his Pick of the Week!

00:11:57 – Booster Gold #3 shows us a different side of Jonah Hex.
00:15:47 – Josh is not sure about The New Avengers #35.
00:21:26 – Green Lantern #24 rocked Conor’s socks.
00:25:01 – Ron was shocked by Black Summer #3.
00:27:51 – Have delays hurt Runaways #28?
00:30:38 – Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #24 is only part two of “One More Day”?? Let’s get moving here!

00:36:10 – David F. from Bloomington, IN has a question about Silver Age stories.
00:39:38 – Mark says poor college students should check the library for comics.
00:41:24 – Zachary P. from New York, NY might want to sell his comics.
00:45:32 – Ivy from Boston, MA has a question about Bendis’ name.

00:47:10 – Cory from Cleveland, OH thinks comics are too expensive for college students.
00:51:09 – Ryan from Houston, TX calls in to confess.
00:52:52 – Jeff from Texas wants to know what licensed properties should get comic books.

00:56:39 – Did Marvel’s Jim McCann answer your questions? Find out here!

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