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Pick of the Week #104 – Fear Agent: The Last Goodbye #4

Show Notes

This week’s iFanboy Pick of the Week is sponsored by Jim Hanley’s Universe and NetFlix!

Running Time: 01:01:45

Pick of the Week:
00:02:02 – Ron spreads the Heath Huston love by selecting Fear Agent: The Last Goodbye #4 as the Pick of the Week!

00:12:27 – When exactly does X-Men: First Class #5 take place?
00:16:15 – Josh and Conor were surprised to like Thunderbolts #117.
00:20:07 – Ron and Josh got a kick out of Crawl Space: XXXombies #1.
00:23:04 – Robin #167 was a fill-in issue that Conor and Josh both kinda liked.
00:26:39 – Green Arrow: Year One #6 brings the mini to a strong close.
00:28:16 – The guys are fully on-board with Stuart Immonen in Ultimate Spider-Man #115!
00:31:36 – Mark Waid proves you can’t go home again with The Flash #233.
00:34:30 – Conor dug Gotham Underground #1.

00:36:15 – Jared from Knoxvegas, TN is having problems with current DC comics.
00:39:53 – Tad S. from California wants to know about fanboy behavior.
00:44:58 – Bronson O. from Kentucky is a little OCD. Okay, a lot.

00:49:07 – Dave from Uruguay wants to know about team dynamics.
00:52:27 – Ryan from Houston, TX needs a new epic series.
00:54:05 – Sean from Seymour, IN has questions about Foolkiller and Halo: Uprising.

00:56:52 – Ron’s got an announcement!


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