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2006 All Media Year End Roundup (Part One)

Show Notes

We warned you that this week there would be no regular Pick of the Week show, but instead we offer to you part one of the iFanboy 2006 All Media Year End Roundup where we discuss everything we enjoyed in 2006 from movies, to TV, to IPTV, to music and of course, comics. As an added bonus, comments are open for you to discuss what your 2006 picks were. Enjoy!

Running Time: 01:25:34

00:01:45 – We start the discussion talking about movies, for which 2006 was a down year and Conor saw the most movies out of all of us.
00:03:27 – Big year for comics movies with Superman Returns, X-Men: The Last Stand and V for Vendetta, our opinions really haven’t changed.
00:07:58 – Conor and Josh have big man crushes on Daniel Craig, the latest Bond in Casino Royale.
00:11:24 – We all saw The Departed together and loved it, although some more than others.
00:14:05 – The “indie darling of the year”? Maybe, maybe not but Josh and Ron enjoyed Little Miss Sunshine.
00:15:25 – Ron adored Stranger Than Fiction and Josh and Conor missed out by not seeing it.
00:18:41 – We all saw Clerks 2and while Josh was harder on it than Ron and Conor, it was generally enjoyed.
00:22:51 – Josh bitched about Bobby, his worst movie of the year.
00:25:07 – The best documentary of the year was An Inconvenient Truth, which inspired Ron to spread the word.
00:28:54 – It’s time to talk about a movie that Conor loved, Hollywoodland.
00:32:20 – Conor and Ron took a chance on The Last Kiss.

00:36:45 – We probably spend the most amount of time for entertainment on TV, although with DVRs, its changing. But Conor will forever flip.
00:39:07 – We start off with The Wire, so we can let Josh gush and get it over with.
00:40:57 – Josh is engrossed by Grey’s Anatomy, coming late to the show, while Ron and Conor have been watching since the beginning.
00:46:24 – Does Lost still have it? Conor thinks so.
00:49:45 – The hit of the year is Heroes and we’re still shocked.
00:52:55 – Josh’s favorite new show though is Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.
00:58:15 – My Name is Earl and The Office is the only hour of comedy we watch.
01:02:48 – Battlestar Galactica is the way to Josh’s heart.
01:05:36 – Ron is still hanging in with The O.C. and reveals his disturbing history of watching shows like Thirtysomething.
01:09:37 – The Sopranos delivered the goods this year, according to Ron. Conor and Josh didn’t quite agree.
01:13:50 – We are enjoying the creative renaissance of ER.
01:18:05 – The best hour of TV for Conor and Ron is 24, hands down.
01:20:18 – Conor and Josh mourn the end of Deadwood.
01:23:40 – Conor thinks the best show that neither Josh or Ron is watching is Veronica Mars.
01:25:26 – Smallville is enjoying a creative renaissance too, but we hope it ends soon.

Be sure to come back on Wednesday, January 3rd to download part 2 of the 2006 All Media Year End Roundup!

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“Blitzkrieg Bop”
Yo La Tengo


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  1. What’s pt. 2 about?

  2. I haven’t listened yet. Saving it for my long drive to CT tomorrow, but from the notes, I saw The Gore movie. Very Powerful. I made a decision after seeing it that my next vehicle would be as green as possible. Hopefully all electric although fuel cell would be nice.

    I watched a show on discovery science last week called cracking the ocean code where Craig Venter ( the guy who single handedly mapped the human genome faster than the US government was able to) collected deep sea microbes to sequence their genes and come up with the codes to do many crazy things including hydrogen production without using fossil fuel.

    What was really neat was that he was driving a fuel cell car and pulled up to a shell station and filled up with hydrogen. There is a hydrogen station in CA….

  3. The Wire is great, but 24 is, without a doubt, the best show on TV, the guys writing it should get their own comic, asap!

  4. the opening music is awesome

  5. i went hey is that? yeah

  6. 14 – 15 movies?
    I used to save up my ticket stubs and count them at the end of the year and they always numbered 45-55.

  7. In the last few years, I have seen 35-45 movies in the theater over a 12-month period. In 2006, I am guessing without looking that I saw five. FIVE.

  8. In my opinion, the best show on TV is ‘Battlestar Galactica’. A distant second place belongs to ‘Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip’. Both are shows that may not have another season. Tragic.
    I really agree that ‘Heroes’ was a pleasant surprise. I recieved the first episode with a giant grain of salt. It ended with me willing to hang around for another and every subsequent episode has drawn me in more. Unlike shows like ‘Lost’, where I’m reasonably sure the writers will never reveal what’s going on, with ‘Heroes’ every time I think they’re going to draw a plotline out way too long, it comes to a startling conclusion. Bravo.

  9. best movies i saw in 2006

    1. Brick
    2. United 93
    3. Jet Lee’s Fearless
    4. Apocalypto
    5. The Prestige
    6. Hostel
    7. Lady Vengeance
    8. World Trade Center
    9. Slither
    10. The Departed

    This list is subject to change because I haven’t seen Little Children, Pan’s Labrynth, Letters from Iwo Jima, Shortbus, Flags of Our Fathers, or Half Nelson yet.

  10. I’m in a similar position to Jimski. I used to see 50 or so movies a year, and now I see less than one a month. The only reason I do go is to bring my grandmother. I’d say the best movie I saw this year was The Departed.

    As for TV shows – that’s where I spend my time. Best shows:

    1 – The Wire (thanks Josh)
    2 – Lost
    3 – 24
    4 – Friday Night Lights (pleasant surprise of the year)
    5 – Veronica Mars
    6 – The Office
    7 – Heroes
    8 – My Name is Earl
    9 – American Idol (I know, I know, but I LOVE it. It’s event watching for me and my friends).
    10 – Studio 60

    Done with: Gilmore Girls. The Simpsons. The OC (sorry Ron). GG has been the disappointment of the year. I’m not sure I can even watch that mess of a show anymore. They aren’t the characters I love. Uggh. And Simpsons hasn’t been funny in years, but I still record it.

    Still catching up on DVD: Battlestar Galactica (good so far, but not great), Rome, MI5 (love it), Freaks and Geeks, and Deadwood. And I’m watching Buffy and Angel for the 100th time.

  11. It’s funny I was just having the movie conversation with someone the other day. I used to literally go to the movies 3xs a week in the late nineties. If it came out between 96 and 99, chances are great that I saw it at least one time if not two. I used to live near a movie theatre that showed 2.99 movies. They weren’t old movies, they just appeared their after their initial run like say 4-6 weeks after release. As an example, I went to see What Dreams May Come 4 or 5 times there. It was great.

    Since then though, each year my movie viewing has declined sharply. Last year(2005) I probably saw 25 movies in the theatre which is a sharp contrast put next to the 160 or so I saw in ’99. This past year(2006), I may have gone to the movies 5 times. the last thing I can recall seeing in the movies was jackass 2. I saw borat opening weekend but only after it mysteriously appeared on my computer and then a dvd. not really sure how that happened.

    The point though is that I finally figured it out. The reason that I don’t go anymore is that while I dislike people in general, I really hate 18 year old kids. They’re so annoying, they fuck everything up. I’ve got a list going. So far they’ve ruined:
    1) movie theatres
    2) drive-in movies
    3) darts/pool hall type places
    4) the mall

    It’s the cellphones and the conversation volume. Everything. I could go on but I already feel really old anyway so I’m going to stop

  12. I am a crotchety old man at 27

    these damn kids today

  13. What’s this purchasing embargo the Fanboy’s keep talking about?

  14. they don’t buy anything for themselves in the weeks leading up to Christmas so that they don’t get duplicate gifts

  15. We happen to all share the same practice every year, on Thanksgiving, all personal purchases (aside from weekly comics) stop, out of fear and respect for holiday shopping, as anything bought between Thanksgiving and Christmas, could possibly be purchased for us by loved ones as presents. On 12/26, the personal purchasing begins again.

    For Example:
    I did not buy the New Frontier Absolute Edition for fear that someone got it for me for Christmas. No one did, so I ordered it after Christmas.

  16. Happy New Year, guys! Here’s wishing your continual success in ’07.

  17. I did not buy the New Frontier Absolute Edition for fear that someone got it for me for Christmas. No one did, so I ordered it after Christmas.

    Me too! And Lost Girls!

  18. What’s the best Yo La Tengo song?

  19. “Rock n’ Roll Hiro” is one of my faves

  20. lost girls?

  21. Don’t know why but this came to mind:

    “I believe George Michael has something called the ‘O.C. Disorder.'”
    “Don’t call it that.”

    You guys didn’t even mention the cancelation of Arrested Development…which gets my vote for “TV’s Best Show…dearly departed.”

    And Fred is right about 18-year-olds. I’m 19, and was never exactly a “big fan” of my generation. They’re loud, disrespectful, lazy, and for the most part, slightly retarded. They almost NEVER think before they do ANYTHING, which leads to lots of problems when they’re in packs. I dunno, kids just piss me off. I’m rebeling against my own generation years before I should.

    And happy new years all! Hope everyone had fun and was safe, I gots me some sleep to catch up on.

  22. Touche, Conor.

  23. i know what it is guys, i’m just sayin: lost girls? really? i’m curious, but not $50 curious. let us know what you think.

  24. Alan Moore gets my money every time, sight unseen.

    And $50 is 25% off!

  25. i’ve got the first two books-they mysteriously appeared on my computer-hoping 3 does the same soon

    i’ve ‘flipped’ through them a bit and the visuals alone are pretty crazy. haven’t actually read them yet but if it reads like it looks it’s definitely worth $50 as it appears to be a series of stories that has never been told, at least like this, so far.

    i’m going to actually purchase it soon because alan moore is amazing. I also don’t even question the purchase

    It should be noted that, for anyone that might not know, it’s porn. It’s not very nearly porn, it’s definitely porn. there’s depicted penetration on the back cover of the first book

  26. you shouldn’t have to pay for porn, even written by alan moore.

  27. I’m not buying it as porn, I am buying it as a piece of fiction written by one of my favorite authors. I think if you are coming at it as porn then you are looking at it the wrong way.

  28. What’s pt. 2 about?

    IPTV, music & comics.

  29. i was just joking about it as porn, but i think if you’re going into it as a piece of literature, you might be disappointed. from what i’ve heard of it, lost girls largely just like fred said: its porn, written by one of the masters, but thats what it is. i love alan moore but i fear this might be his DKSA.

    about pt.2, no videogames this year?

  30. I wasn’t coming at it as porn. I threw that out there because some people are offended by things like that and if I’m going to throw my two cents in I felt it necessary to say that. It’s not porn in the sense that the milkman knocks on the door and fucks a housewife. It’s more like a story about human sexuality told in a pornographic fashion. Alan Moore talked about it on Fanboy Radio I believe. I think it was this one
    There is genuinely more to it than the porn thing but I had to throw that out there

  31. “What’s the best Yo La Tengo song?”

    Tie: Tom Courtenay and My Little Corner of the World.

    I’m still torn on buying Lost Girls. I’ll wait to get your reactions on it. I hope everyone who gets Absolute New Frontier likes it as much as I did. I’m thinking about getting Absolute Dark Knight and Absolute Kingdom Come. I wish Batman Year One would have been released in the Dark Knight edition, instead of the sequel. I know that makes no sense, unless of course you go with “good Batman stories by Frank Miller” but still.

  32. I realized that we left off Arrested Development later, but I have to watch season 3 again to remember it. But I fucking loved that line about the OC.

    I also left off some of my favorite British shows which I watched this year via the magic of the internet, like Green Wing, and Peep Show.

  33. I’m with you on Earl, the Office, Battlestar Galactica, and the Wire, but not so much with Heroes and Studio 60. Studio 60 is way to uneven – some great moments, but eclipsed by painfully preachy bits.

    Heroes is also a mixed bag for me as my overall enjoyment is dampened by the terrrrrible acting of Peter Petrelli and the artist guy. The dialogue has improved quite a bit since the first handful of episodes however.

    Then again, my wife says I have no credibility, because I’m addicted to Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis.

  34. After some thought, I have my list.

    Two Best Movies:

    The Departed
    Casino Royale

    Best Documentary:

    The Crusades: Crescent and the Cross

    Two Best TV Shows:

    Prison Break

    Guilty Pleasure TV:

    The Venture Bros.

    Best Music:

    iFanboy Pick of the week Podcast Intros

    Two Best Games:

    Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops (PSP)
    Gears of War (Xbox 360)

    Top Five Comics:

    The Escapists
    Captain America
    Batman (Morrison & Kubert)
    Civil War
    Astonishing X-Men

  35. 30 Rock!

  36. Yes!!! 30 ROCK!!!

    Josh, where did you watch Peep Show on the internet, I caught the first two series on BBC America, but they did not show series 3. Fucking great show…

    The “bad thing” episode from series 1 is my absolute favorite.

  37. I would download Peep Show on bittorrent, since the episodes on BBC America were edited, and I imagine that would cut out a lot. I did watch season 3, and thought it was good.

    If you like that, go to youtube, and type in “mitchell and webb”. There’s a lot of material from their sketch shows. Usually very funny.

  38. Personally, my favorite show on TV right now is How I Met Your Mother. I can’t say whether anyone else here would like it, but I find it hilarious. It’s in it’s second season at the moment, and I already own the first season on DVD.

    The rest of the list includes the ones you guys mentioned plus House, CSI, Entourage and South Park.

  39. How I met your mother is really good. So is the class, it follows it on monday night at 8:30
    cbs check your local listings

  40. Hey, you know, Two and a Half Men is not that bad…

  41. Two and a Half Men is not that bad.
    you know i just found out that they don’t have one single transgendered character on there

    and a half my ass

  42. Movies:
    The Departed
    Childern of Men
    The Prestige
    Superman Returns
    The Proposition Best Western in a long time
    Thank You For Smoking

    30 Rock

  43. “Oh yes, the Bob Loblaw Law Blog. Well, that’s certainly quite a mouthful.”

    Honestly, when I first heard Tobias utter that line above, I almost passed out.

    (Sorry, on an A.D. bing as of late)

    And I think South Park had one of the best years yet.

  44. Fred:

    Half Man = fat, awkward kid. Everybody knows that.

  45. apparently everywhere but thailand
    damn travel agent

  46. This may be the greatest Ramones cover of all time.

  47. Spiffy,

    I’m feeling you on How I Met Your Mother, it’s probably the only comedy with a laugh track that I still watch. Yes, you can say that it’s a Friends-esque ripp off, but I find it very funny and very cool.

  48. The best two comedies on TV is Everyone hates Cris and the King Of Queens.

  49. deSolhad a great year, their Blanco y Negro was my song of the summer.

  50. I just watched Accepted. It was so funny. Best line of the movie, and one of the better in my recent memory, comes as they get their first look at the dilapidated mental hospital that they are going to turn into a college
    one character says: I hope you have hobostab insurance

    sounds odd isolated but within the context very funny

  51. I watched Everybody Hates Chris until about november, and then I realized that I wasn’t really looking forward to watching it anymore. The kid is great, and Terry Crews is excellent though.

    I used to work on Battle Dome, when Crews played a character called T-Money. One day, he got pissed off at one of the contestants, and beat the shit out of him off-camera. I think Sony paid them off to get rid of the lawsuit.

  52. I don’t remember where I heard it in 06, but this song was obviously the best combo of hip-hop and comics. If anyone can help me buy a copy of it, just let me know:


  53. If anyone can help me buy a copy of it, just let me know

    It may not be for PURCHASE, but if you wanna listen to it…

    Who do you love, Jimskie? C’mon….who do you love?

  54. Even better…found the Celebrity Deathmatch soundtrack (The song is on it) on eBay for .68 cents!


  55. Hey guys, I was listening ot the review and heard you mention Mark McKinney. Did you guys used to watch The Kids in the Hall? My suggestion is that you put it your Netflix queue.

  56. We are all big Kids in the Hall fans.

  57. Did the Kids in the Hall even air on TV in the USA?

  58. Yeah it was out in CAnada a few years and then HBO picked it up and aired it for about five years. I think comedy central still airs it. I was lucky enough to catch it early on and was a fan for years but it slowley fizzled out.

  59. K-Dizzle is right, Kids was a Comedy Central staple throughout the middle-to-late 90s.

    First semester senior year of college me and a few other guys became mildly obsessed with Brain Candy.

  60. I dunno. Brain Candy always seemed like and extended version of the Husk Musk sketch.

  61. College is all about becoming obssessed with unusual things.

  62. Brain Candy is on HBO this month, I think. It’s definitely on one of my HD cable channels. Check your local listings.

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