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Pick of the Week #114 – Jonah Hex #27

Show Notes

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Running Time: 00:59:00

Pick of the Week:
00:02:13 – Josh went with yet another sterling example of Jonah Hex for his Pick of the Week. Issue #27 was more grisliness.

00:09:44 – He doesn’t try to go against the grain, but Josh still didn’t like Teen Titans: Year One #1 as much as everyone else did, Conor and Ron included.
00:14:12 – After some crossover lag, Conor lets us know that Paul Dini is back with an excellent issue with Detective Comics #840.
00:17:30 – It appears that “Messiah Complex” is still going on with Uncanny X-Men #494. Ron’s loving it, and Conor’s ready for things to get moving.
00:23:20 – Josh wasn’t thrilled by The End League #1, and Ron was less un-thrilled, but still hopeful.
00:28:33 – Rick Remender offers a second title this week in Sorrow #3, which only Ron has read or knew anything about.
00:30:27 – The modern-swearing vikings are back in Brian Wood’s Northlanders #2, and Ron and Josh are still mostly behind this one.
00:33:52 – Josh didn’t love Lobster Johnson: The Iron Prometheus, but that last issue was pretty good.
00:35:31 – Countdown to Final Crisis #17 finally gets things moving. Plus, no ret-cons!
00:38:34 – Warren Ellis is back schilling for the man with Ultimate Human #1, and it was pretty swell. Scary Hulk!.
00:40:20 – It’s another two-fer with Warren Ellis with Thunderbolts #118, who does some things good, and some things bad.

00:42:32 – Andrew from Saugus, MA wants to know if more indie comics are going to leave him sad and alone.
00:45:57 – EGB D. has some continuity nit-picking, and gets shouted down, and everyone learns that they all deal with continuity glitches in their own way.
00:47:49 – Nick M. reveals why fans have to deal with Frank Cho’s late books, and iFanboy checked, and he’s right.

00:51:15 – Chris from St. Louis, MO has good news! That latest issue of Iron Man was the first good issue in a while.
00:52:21 – Sam from Wisconsin drops some knowledge on Ron about when and where to start reading Star Wars comics.

“Bad Reputation”
Joan Jett

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