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Talksplode #92 – Gene Luen Yang

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Thanks to iFanboy Patrons, it’s Talksplode time.

The folks at iFanboy have been big fans of Gene Luen Yang’s cartooning for a good long time. From his groundbreaking, award winning American Born Chinese, to a stint on Superman and New Super-Man, a take on a Chinese version of the character, to Avatar: The Last Airbender, the massive Boxers and Saints, and now a new run of Shang-Chi for Marvel, seeing Yang’s name on a comic means it will be worth reading. With his newest book, Dragon Hoops, from First Second Press recently release, Josh couldn’t wait to get to talk to the writer, artist and certified MacArthur genius about his vast body of work and how he goes about it.

Follow Gene on on Twitter, or his website, geneyang.com.

Total Running Time: 01:21:21

“Shooting Hoops”
G. Love and Special Sauce


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  1. Everyone I give a copy of Boxers and Saints to love that book. Whenever I see Gene’s name on a book I get immediately interested. I am not a basketball fan by any stretch of the imagination, but now you’ve got me interested in Dragon Hoops.

  2. Everyone that has been interviewed recently on Talksplode has seemed like a nice person, but Gene seems like the top of the heap. I’m so happy for his success and can’t wait to read every new thing that he puts out.

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