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Talksplode #85 – Tom King

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Back when we relaunched the regular Talksplode episodes almost exactly 3 years ago, Tom King and Mitch Gerads were my first guests. His Batman run was just about to start, today a whole lot of comics have come out of Tom’s head. He’s still working on Batman, wrapped up the amazing Mister Miracle, also with Mitch. Mr. King is back, and we go deeper than ever, including his mom’s hand in the invention of an amazing digital format, and what is really happening with the end of his Batman story. And plenty more, leaving you, the listener, this gift of a super long episode.

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Total Running Time: 01:46:18

“TV Party”
Black Flag


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  1. Great Talksplode!

    How likable is Tom King?

    I loved the story on Mr Miracle’s genesis.

  2. Excellent show! Loved every second of it!

  3. Man, what a great interview. Totally different from any other Tom King interview I’ve read or heard. Brilliant job, Josh. You guys totally just sounded like old friends chatting.

    I do, however, wish you would have touched on the reaction to Heroes and Crisis, which was probably the first overwhelmingly negative response to his work to date. Even Batman, which divides fans, hasn’t received anywhere near the same level of vitriol as HiC. It is, admittedly, the only thing of his that I’ve ever outright disliked. Would have been interesting to hear his thoughts on the subject.

    Still, when my biggest criticism of your interview is that at nearly two hours it just wasn’t long enough, you know you’re doing something right.

  4. I see (hear) that NONE of the Damian questions that I submitted were asked!

  5. I agree with everyone, it was a terrific interview, Josh. I was especially intrigued by King’s explanation of how the recent “Knightmare” issues came to be. While I wasn’t a fan of them, my criticism is now reined in somewhat upon learning that a lot of it was simply King trying to get people paid; it was navigating his employers’ insane schedules, and his artists’ workload capabilities – plus his own time constraints – to present the best possible comics he could think of within that framework. It was an(other) important reminder of how much of what we read from week to week is determined by things other than the two big names on each issue’s cover.

  6. couldnt Wally have gone back in time and told himself to watch out for his energy explosion?

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