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Talksplode #82 – Bryan Edward Hill

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Brian Edward Hill became quite prolific in comics over the past couple of years. After a long run on Top Cow’s Postal, he started to get some jobs with the big two, including Michael Cray, Detective Comics, and Killmonger. Then there’s his original Vertigo series, American Carnage. Plus, he’s a series writer on the Titans TV series. He keeps busy is what we’re saying.

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Total Running Time: 01:29:50

“Writer’s Cramp”
Hüsker Dü


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  1. I think my connection to Michael Cray is similar to Josh’s experience. I remember Deathblow being this ad in the back of Image comic issues that kept appearing and then never the book never hitting the shelves. Then the book came out. I bought it. Thought it was fine, but didn’t continue. So when the new Michael Cray book came out under the Wild Storm umbrella my first thought was Michael who? That actually I think must be pretty freeing for a writer. I can’t imagine there were a ton of Deathblow diehards out there who would take offense at a re-imagining. I also originally was worried that it was an in continuity book., which I didn’t want. I wanted this new Wild Storm stuff to just be it’s own thing. Once I realized what it was going to be I really started enjoying it.

  2. Thanks, Josh.

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