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Talksplode #80 – Jeff Parker

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Thanks to iFanboy Patrons, it’s Talksplode time.

Do you like Jaws? Do you enjoy talk about the Los Angeles entertainment industry in the early 2000s? Some Darwyn Cooke anecdotes from the animation industry and celebrity encounters? Do you like the work of Jeff Parker and his soothing Carolinean accent even if he can’t remember the Swamp Thing movie catch phrase? Well, good news folks, because this podcast is for you. Not so much an interview as a wide ranging conversation, that we hope you’ll enjoy.

You can follow Jeff on Twitter to keep up him, as well as visiting his website, jeffparkerwrites.com.

Total Running Time: 01:45:01

“Jeff Wears Birkenstocks”


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  1. Thanks for doing this interview, Josh. Jeff Parker is terrific and terribly underrated. He should be writing so many books for the big 2. His Thunderbolts was amazing and I loved Agents of Atlas and wish we had more. Just some good old fashioned super hero comic-ing. Always, reminds me of the pleasure I had reading comics in the 80s. Sophisticated, but classic as hell. I hope Jeff does get something creator owned cooking, I would be first in line to read it!!

  2. To add another anecdote to yours:

    under a decade ago, due to a job on the west side & god making me defective, my cardiologist was in Beverly Hills. Being half the age of most people there, I paid no attention to the nurse and old man waiting next to me at the elevator as I left, until we stepped on and it was Stan Lee. They were heading two floors down where the tests are preformed and the nurse was explaining to him which tests he was having and answering his questions, he was hunched over a bit, speaking in a low voice and asking mildly anxious questions. The nurse was mid reply to Stan about when he should expect his results when

    “I’m sorry I just gotta interrupt, Stan Lee. I gotta shake your hand and say thank you. You are so great. I just love all your work. Thank you so much for everything you do.”

    The only other occupant in the elevator, a woman about my age, decided that was the time to thank him.

    There was a long pause, a stunned Stan Lee just said in normal flat voice. “Uh. Well, Thank you.” The elevator dinged open on their floor and he and the nurse stepped off. No “true believer” no “Excelsior” just a regular old man on his way to get possible bad news.

    The doors close, the woman bouncing around excitedly asks me, “Do you know who that was?” And before I could reply that yes, having gone for a decades worth of San Diego Comic Cons I have waited in line for his autograph and sat in the audience of his panels for years, but perhaps that when Stan Lee is on his way to strip half naked and have electrodes placed on his chest is not the time for a meet and greet; she answered her own question and began telling me who Stan Lee was in a way that was perfectly clear she’d never read one of his comics in her life.

    As a Ditko fan, that encounter did give me a new found respect for Stan Lee, a normal guy with boundaries that wasn’t always the self-serving showman he puts on to be.

    yikes. that was a long ass story.

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