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Talksplode #77 – Rob Guillory

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After wrapping up the 60th and final issue of Chew, with John Layman, series artist Rob Guillory laid low for a while. But you knew he had to come back eventually, right? With a style completely his own, and a sense of humor Chew fans will instantly recognize, Rob has just announced Farmhand, his new creator owned series, out in July from Image Comics.

Josh caught up with Rob to talk about the new series, where it came from, as well as how he got there, from starting his career before Chew, and the massive success it became, and where to go from there.

For more on Rob, get over to RobGuillory.com.

Total Running Time: 00:54:29

“Return of the Farmer’s Son”
Thin Lizzy


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  1. I love Guillory’s art and can’t wait for Farmhand. Chew was one of the comics that got me interested as an adult. Before that, I all I read was Tin Tin and some Batman/Superman as an 8 year old.

  2. I know you have a format for how you do these things… but how the heck was this episode not titled “Let Guillory be Guillory”.

    Another great interview Josh, it is always fun to hear the process stories, and how creators have learned to tell a really good story on a single sheet of paper, or even a single panel.

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