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Talksplode #72 – Aubrey Sitterson

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Thanks to iFanboy patrons, it’s Talksplode time.

Aubrey Sitterson writes the ongoing G.I. Joe series for IDW Publishing, and yes, there is a Transformer, a Decepticon even, on the team. But you might also know him as the host of Straight Shoot, “the World’s Smartest Rasslin’ Talk Show”, and as a former editor comics, both at Marvel, and for a pre-Skybound Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead. We chat about Aubrey’s career in comics, the original “plan”, and where things are now. If you’ve ever listened to Aubrey before, you know he’s got a lot to say, and with his experience in comics, podcasts, and wrestling, it’s worth listening to.

You can find out more about Aubrey Sitterson at aubreysitterson.com. Also make sure to check out Skald, his sword and sorcery ongoing audiobook while you’re there.

Total Running Time: 01:40:33



“Dr. Marten’s Blues”
Heavy Blanket


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  1. I’m so glad Talksplodes and Booksplodes are back

    This one and the Judd Winnick ones were both great conveesations

  2. Thanks for conducting such a great interview Josh!

    Full disclosure – I am a comic book fan, pro-wrestling fan and video game fan but I don’t listen to Aubrey’s podcast. I probably should.

    I do however occasionally run into an interview of him such as this one and always find him such an interesting character. Considering he’s had his dream jobs in what are reportedly some very difficult companies to work in I find it refreshing that he comes off as honest but not as jaded and cynical as so many former comic book and wwe writers do.

    The overlap between WWE and comics are also fascinating. I grew up loving both because at the time in the 80’s for kid’s entertainment these were “serialized shows.” So many cartoons would be one-and-done episodes which were great for repeat viewing. But my lifelong obsession with WWE and comics comes down to being a “mark” and letting my imagination run wild with what could happen on next weeks episode or in next months issue.

  3. I was actually thinking of writing a comic book about a guy who does a podcast about DnD so this was awesome. Love the talksplodes always and this one was super informative about the weirdness of life and comic books.

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