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Talksplode #7 with Matthew Sturges of DC and Vertigo Comics

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Josh talks to Austin, Texas based comic writer Matthew Sturges about becoming a DC Comics exclusive writer, and his work with Bill Willingham on Vertigo Comics Jack of Fables and House of Mystery, his DCU work on Salvation Run and Blue Beetle, as well as upcoming projects like Justice Society of America and Run!, plus his upcoming novel, Midwinter.

Running Time: 00:46:28

Sister Jack


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  1. Nice, playing Spoon’s "Sister Jack" because he writes Jack of Fables and Spoon and Matthew Sturges are from Austin.  It works on so many levels.

  2. Also, the above comment contained no sarcasm.  I am an Austinite who is genuinely excited to see a bunch of Austin love in one podcast.

  3. There must have been some reason I picked that song… 😉

  4.  I love these Talksplodes. Haven’t read any Stuges. I’ll have to remendy that. 

    I’m always impressed by the interviews. A 40+ minute interview is no small feat. Well done, Josh and thank you.

  5. Thank you both for doing this interview. I am fan of every thing I’ve read by Mr.Sturges. Defin. after this interview he jumps in rank as one of my faves.

  6. @MattSturges – How did I not know you were from WV? I grew up in Charleston, the big city. Still no comic shop though…

  7. He totally sold me on RUN.

  8. I love all the noise George Clooney is making in the background!

  9. Hey man, I’m a professional here.  My dog was sleeping soundly through the whole interview.  That noise was all on Matt’s end.

    George doesn’t bark.  He snoozes and maybe grunts some.

  10. Aww 🙁


    More George Clooney!!!

  11. A really well-done, enjoyable interview, as always.  I wasn’t familiar with Sturges’ work before, and now it’s on my radar.

  12. @Haupt

    Yes, I spend a good part of my formative years, from ages 9-15 in a small town called Oak Hill, which is about 50 miles southwest of the booming metropolis of Charleston. It’s such a small town that they refer to state highway 19 as "the Four Lane" because it’s the only four lane road anywhere nearby. Or it was when I lived there.

  13. And yes, that noise you’re hearing is my dogs. Josh is blameless.

  14. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    This was great as always.  Looking forward to Matt’s take on JSA (I love Dr. Midnite as well).  Definitely going to pick up that first House of Mystery trade. 

  15. To be fair, were my mic on the floor, about 3 feet away, you would have heard what sounded like a tiny man snoring away.  I hear it RIGHT NOW!

  16. @Paul -I highly encourage you to pick up House of Mystery. It strikes me has something,given your tastes, that you would really enjoy.

  17. Please more talksplode, we need more of these wonderful talks. Even when it is a creator that I dont follow it is fun to here their perspective.

  18. Don’t worry, we’re working on the next ones as we speak.

  19. Great Talksplode. I’m really starting to like these little interviews. I just have one question:

    Has met sold any of you iFanboy guys on Blue Beetle?

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