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Talksplode #66 – Mark Millar

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You know who Mark Millar is. He’s the creative superpower behind so many comics and by extension films made from those comics. Josh Flanagan had a great conversation with the writer behind The Ultimates, Old Man Logan, Wanted, Kick-Ass, Starlight, MPH, Jupiters Circle, Chrononauts, the upcoming Huck, and so many more, you might as well just go to Wikipedia.


We talk to Mark about his work, his career from the very beginning, and what it’s like to be Mark Millar right now. It turns out, it’s pretty good. We chat about the idea that some accused Millar of only making comics to be made into movies, and where he stands on digital comics today. Settle in and enjoy the brogue.


You can go to Millarworld to see everything Mark has going on, and follow him on twitter, @mrmarkmillar.

Total Running Time: 00:56:48

“Banana Splits”
The Dickies


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  1. I love Talksplode!!!
    This was a really great conversation, though I question the wisdom of two days being ample time to make an informed decision about what to put in that 1950s spinner rack. I’d need a week, at the very least.

    Seriously though, this was a great interview. I had no idea he worked on the Superman Adventures comics! I’ll have to seek those out. I just read the first Batman Adventures trade and was really impressed with the quality of storytelling in an adaptation of an animated series. I’m sure the same is true of Superman Adventures if Millar wrote them.

  2. Enjoyed that immensely. It made the mulching I was doing slightly more tolerable.

    The comparison between Millar and Kirkman was interesting. They’ve both had tremendous success breaking away and doing their own thing. But their approaches are really different, in terms of Kirkman’s extreme long-form, decompressed stories, and Millar’s in-and-out scattershot approach. I suppose that’s why Kirkman’s properties seem suited for TV while Millar gets the film deals.

  3. This was really great! Hopefully you’ll have time/opportunity for more in the future.

    It was interesting to hear someone as successful as Millar talk so openly about the business side, and even more so because he is not jaded about the whole experience. He really seems to conceive of the art/craft and business as one thing as opposed to normal adversarial relationship.

  4. Glad to see Talksplode return! This was an awesome conversation with Mark Millar. I am a big fan of most of his work and to hear about how he started in comics and progressed to where he is now was very interesting. The series he did with Tony Harris, War Heroes, was mentioned. I really dug the issues that came out but want to see the remaining ones hit my LCS some day. Or perhaps in a hardcover.

  5. Great to have a new Talksplode and you couldn’t have picked a better interviewee. Even in the period when I hated Millar’s work – the “badass” years, basically – he’s always been a great interview. And the awesome Scottish accent certainly doesn’t hurt.

    Terrific job, Josh. Here’s hoping you get a chance for more of these in the near future.

  6. Avatar photo ethanharrison">ethanharrison (@twitter.com/nixonrodeo) says:

    Loved hearing this interview. Always excited when you get to hear long interview with great creators and Josh is great at conducting. MORE MORE MORE Talksplodes whenever possible!

  7. I agree with everyone – this Talksplode was awesome 🙂

    Mark Millar said so many fascinating things (of the 82% of him which I could understand). And I forgot how great of an interviewer Josh is; the questions were insightful and made for such a naturally flowing conversation.

    This was a wonderful end-o-summer treat. Thanks to all involved!

  8. This was terrific. Great stories and great insight. Listened to it on a long drive with my wife. She really enjoyed it as well.

  9. Also, agree, great to have these back. I love the long form convernsational interview and Josh is one of the best at it. Cool accents and great stories help also.

  10. What a great interview. Seriously, it’s so good to have this type of discussion about the craft with pros back.

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