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Talksplode #58 – John Layman on ‘Chew’, ‘Secret Agent Poyo’, and more!

Show Notes

Chew has been a long running top quality book and a favorite at the iFanboy offices. We caught up with writer John Layman to discuss why they’re re-printing Chew #27, which was released out of order a year ago, and what fans can expect from this second printing aside from a different cover. We also discuss what the creative process on Chew is as Layman works with creative partner Rob Guillory and get some insight into how an issue of Chew comes together. AND Layman makes a stunning prediction about an upcoming issue of Chew and the iFanboy Pick of the Week.

In addition to Chew #27, we take the opportunity to talk about the phenomenon of Secret Agent Poyo and what we can expect from the upcoming one shot. Layman describes the Secret Agent Poyo as his Amy Racecar, the one shots that David Lapham used to do in the Stray Bullets universe.

In addition to Chew and Secret Agent Poyo, Layman fills us in on some of his other upcoming work, including a project with artist Sam Kieth.

Running Time: 00:45:25

“Bucket of Chicken”
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  1. yay layman cool for him to get a talksplode! He is a super nice guy. I do computer work for his mom and i too am now the proud owner of some signed work. I WOULD NEVER EBAY IT.

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