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Talksplode #54 – Sean Murphy of ‘Punk Rock Jesus’, ‘American Vampire’, & ‘Joe the Barbarian’

Show Notes

Sean Murphy has been kicking around comics for quite a while, but it was really in 2010 that he came to prominence, as the artist for Joe the Barbarian, written by Grant Morrison. He followed that up with Hellblazer and American Vampire miniseries, and is now poised to release his 6 issue Punk Rock Jesus, which he both wrote and drew.

Sean talks to us about the beginnings of his career, as well as some of his take on the comics industry as a pro, as well as the economics of the business. We go through all the major projects of his career, including the big project of making a comic with big themes, but also a personal nature, like Punk Rock Jesus, as well as what’s next, and with whom.

Just to close it off, why not talk about driving in Ireland?

Running Time: 00:57:36

Visit Sean’s website, his DeviantArt page or follow him on Twitter. Look for Punk Rock Jesus in July from Vertigo Comics.

“It’s My Job to Keep Punk Rock Elite”


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  1. It seems like this is taking longer than usual to pop up in the iTunes feed.

  2. Great interview…Looking forward to checking out Sean’s Punk Rock Jesus!

  3. Should this be up in the iTunes feed?

  4. cool show and great conversation…..Punk Rock Jesus sounds “wicked pissah” 🙂

    *didn’t show up in the iTunes feed yet….listened on this page*

  5. Good interview. I jumped on the Sean Murphy fanwagon after Joe and I’ve really enjoyed the stuff he’s put out. Joe was amazing and I think Murphy’s style was really a perfect compliment to it. American Vampire was great and out of the whole thing, the silent blimp page was what stood out the most to me. I went back and picked up Off Road and thought it was okay but I feel it would have been benefited by having the pages colored.

    As on of the (I don’t know how many) Christian Sean Murphy fans, I’m curious about Punk Rock Jesus. I figure I’ll give it an issue or two and see how it goes.

  6. What a great interview. I’ve been incredibly impressed with Mr. Murphy’s work since the first time I saw it, and it’s great to hear the candor and self-awareness about creative process that goes along with the talent. I’m always impressed with Josh’s interview style as well — well-informed and personable and genuinely engaged with the topic. Great work. Listening to this really made my afternoon.

  7. Did you know about this two relics related to Christ’s killing?



    there is AB blood type in the two of them

    Sean’s work is incredible. He is a master of comic.

    thanks, and goodbye.

  8. Avatar photo tripleneck (@tripleneck) says:

    Great interview. I wasn’t thinking I’d wanna buy PRJ, but thanks to this podcast, I’m now on board.

  9. I’m late to the table on this but as soon as I finished ep. this I called my LCS and pre-ordered PRJ ASAP. SM and JF did one great PC

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