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Talksplode #5 with Brian Wood of ‘DMZ’, ‘Northlanders’, ‘Local’, and ‘The New York Four’

Show Notes

Josh Flanagan and Ron Richards spend some time talking with renowned comic writer Brian Wood about his work on DMZ, Northlanders, Local, The New York Four, and everything in between. It’s ever so slightly possible that we even start in on some of the ways politics and current events effects Brian’s stories, as well as the difference between working short term and long term. And finally, we answer the question of why that viking isn’t on a boat like a viking should be.

Running Time: 01:17:20

“Rise Above”
Black Flag


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  1. Synergy.  

  2. Nice…Starting out the show with Black Flag. Who picks the music?

  3. It depends.  This time it was Ron.

  4. Was this done before or after your guys throw down* on twitter?


    *note no down was actually thrown and it was a fairly civil conversation

  5. I’ve just started reading DMZ in trades and I’ve only picked up the first three.  Can anyone tell me if I’ll hear something I wouldn’t want to, yet?

  6. Northlanders would be the best Vertigo book if Scalped wasn’t coming out. WHich is like saying that Godfather would be the best movie ever made if Citizen Kane hadn’t ever been released. So don’t feel bad Brian! 🙂 it’s an insanely good book!



    Best band. I need to pick up that Local HC, but I kind of got bored with DMZ. Good listen though. 

  8. I’m a book or so back in the trades, and I didn’t have anything terribly spoiled.  I *think* you’ll be OK to listen, and even if something gets a bit spolied, we talk about DMZ a lot, and what goes into it, and if you dig the book, it’s definitely worth a listen.  I think at most, there is some talk about what is happening in vague terms later on in the book.

  9. Great interview guys!  I’m gonna check out the DMZ trades and Northlander.  Sounds like good stuff

  10. I have nothing to add other than to say I love Northlanders.  That is all.

  11. Thanks! 

  12. Uh Holy Christ Brian Wood has a sexy, sexy voice. Sorry to take it there.

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