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Talksplode #44 with Scott Snyder of ‘Batman’, ‘Swamp Thing’, ‘American Vampire’, and ‘Severed’

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Scott Snyder is a writer on the rise, but at this point, it’s hard to see how much higher his star can rise. With the release of Batman #1 and Swamp Thing #1 in the new DC Comics lineup, Snyder has seen critical and commercial success, and even managed to make the hardcore fans happy. Teaming with spectacular artists over and over again, like Greg Capullo on Batman, Yannick Paquette on Swamp Thing, Scott’s got a lot to be proud of. We talk in depth about what’s going on with Bruce Wayne and Alec Holland, as well as what’s to come with American Vampire and where Severed came from. As always, Scott is candid and in depth on every question, from his early interactions with Greg Capullo to considerations of fan reactions to the DC changes. Plus, how old is Jim Gordon anyway?

Running Time: 01:24:26

“Jailhouse Rock”
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  1. Love Scott Synder, always generous with his time and is a genuinely nice and humble guy. I love his stuff too! American Vampire kicks ass, I hope he eventually does an 80’s glam rock/ Axl Rose type vampire cycle, that would be awesome.

  2. Between Nick Spencer , Jason Aaron and Scott Snyder. Comics are in good hands.

  3. Always love when you guys interview Synder.

  4. Scott Snyder is probably the best writer in comics today.

  5. i just hit the part where he says that raphael albuquerque is basically a ghost writer on the book now and i thought he said he was a ghost RIDER on the book now and i pictured him at the drawing table with a flaming skull for a head and that is fucking awesome!

    raphael albuquerque would both make and DRAW a sweet ghost rider

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