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Talksplode #4 with Eric Canete of ‘End League’ and ‘Iron Man: Enter the Mandarin’

Show Notes

We’re back with more creator conversation goodness, and this time, we’re talking to artist Eric Canete, current artist on End League, written by former Talksplode guest Rick Remender. You might also know Eric’s work from Iron Man: Enter the Mandarin, written by other former Talksplode guest Joe Casey.

Weird coincidence, right?

Josh Flanagan and Eric talk about his time working in animation on such projects as Aeon Flux, Justice League Unlimited, The Batman, and Legion of Superheroes, and coming back to work in comics again. Then, the tables turn, and he starts interviewing Josh, which might be a Talksplode first, and some really great conversation follows.

Running Time: 00:58:04

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  1. Got to say that that was an intense interview; the best Talksplode yet.

  2. Somehow Talksplode #4 with Eric Canete of End League and Iron Man: Enter the Mandarin turned into Talksplode #4 with Josh Flanagan of iFanboy and iFanboy. Still great though, keep it up!

  3.   great job Eric it was nice to hear a conversation about comics rather than a one sided interview. 

  4. What a great conversation. Cantete has such a relentless line of questioning. It’s both exhausting and incredibly exciting to listen to. It was cool to hear him throw tough and interesting question after tough and interesting question, Josh fielding them well over and over again. This was podcasting gold.

  5. Great to hear a fresh, honest interview from an artist.

  6. Loved that it turned into an interview of Josh, then then a general discussion.  Fun stuff.  I have never read any of his work, but now it has me interested.

  7. The interviewer became the interviewee, cool show.

  8. Canete is the man. He totally caught Josh off guard and for that mister Canete, I salute you.

  9. I love this episode. I’ve heard other Canete interviews and talked to him in person at different cons and he is always one of the most personable, informative, and honest creators I’ve ever met. His comments on his place in the industry are really revelatory. And, I like how out of the loop he is. "Secret….. what’s the name of that again?" Love that.

  10. wow, best talksplode ever by a mile! really interesting to hear josh go in depth on comics with someone other than ron and conor. and canete really brought it regarding singles vs. trades and creators on multiple books.

    i wish ALL creator interviews were this amazing. well done!

  11. This was definitely a great episode.  Now I’m really going to have to check out some more of Canete’s work, since so far I’ve only read Enter the Mandarin.  

    That was cool to hear about his work on the 90s cartoons that I loved so much when I was a kid.

  12. <3 Minus the Bear

    Good episode.  I’ll have to see some of this man’s work.

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