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Talksplode #36 with Ruwan Jayatilleke of ‘Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers’

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Building off the momentum of last year’s motion comic, Iron Man: Extremis, Marvel is back but now with a story about Thor. Recently dubbed Marvel Knights Animation, Ruwan Jayatilleke of Marvel, returns to tell us all about the exciting new animation project that pits brother against brother as Loki makes his power move against Asgard, Odin and Thor. We discuss the production of the new animation project, the success of the previous one, the evolution from motion comic to animation and much much more.

Running Time: 00:45:37

As an added bonus, Marvel has provided us with the following clip from Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers:

Get an in-depth look at Marvel Knights Animation’s Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers animated mini-series, adapted from the acclaimed story by superstar creators Robert Rodi and Esad Ribic! The Prince of Lies has seized the throne of Asgard and marked the Mighty Thor for execution. Now, Loki finally has a chance to tell tale of his brother’s crimes… and inflict the punishment he has craved for eons. Don’t miss the dramatic first installment of this incredibly rendered Marvel classic as Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers makes its debut on iTunes, XBOX and PS3!

Like what you see? Now go get the first episode which came out earlier this week!  Get all the info at Marvel.com

“Mr. Electric Ocean”
Blood Brothers


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  1. I remember when Ruwan was on the site talking about Extremis.  He seemed like a really nice guy with a lot of good ideas.  Glad to see he can still apply those even though the motion comics didnt take off. 

    Downloading this today!

  2. Really thorough interview Ron. Thank you for doing it. I reviewed Blood Brothers on another site and enjoyed it a great deal. Great musical score. Motion-esk Comics aren’t for everyone, but they are for me. I also think they are fairly priced (the price of a comic…well not a Marvel comic…those are mostly still $3.99).

    – Dom

  3. Thanks guys for the support. Much appreciated. I think for me this type of animation and these stories are step-by-step…meaning we aren’t expecting to win everyone over, but after Extremis we proved that we can get people hyped for content ripped directly from the pages of great comic book arcs. And while there’s always room for imporvement I am really happy in where the crative team has gotten this project and the adventures that is ahead. 

    And as always Ron was awesome at guiding the podcast and keeping me off the highway of inanity or insanity.

    My hope is to come back with a bigger and beeter project each year!

  4. @AlanRob  still alive and kickin’! wished i could have gone to WonderCon to show episode 2 off. it’s a doozy And the guy who played Balder is incredible. Breakout performance. 🙂

  5. AM I the only one that finds the “iron man :extremis” pseudo animation cheap and a real disapointment compared to actual animation?

    I found these on netflix before i knew about them, and thought “oh great! some new marvel cartoons”. Instead I found …meh.

    frankly I’d rather have a static book than that, at least I can read at my pace without waiting for the overdrawn pauses and flash animation to move the plot along.

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