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Talksplode #35 with Skottie Young of ‘Ozma of Oz’ and ‘The Wonderful Wizard of Oz’

Show Notes

We’ve known and been big fans of Skottie Young for a long time, but he’s never actually been on a Talksplode episode until now. Josh Flanagan talks with the Eisner winning artist about his career and origin, as well as how it lead to the offbeat series of books like The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, The Marvelous Land of Oz, and Ozma of Oz, with writer Eric Shanower. We talk about some of the work Skottie has done for Marvel Comics over the last ten years, and how C.B. Cebulski picked him from a random table at a Chicago comic convention. Then we talk about Skottie’s creator owned work, and his push to sell digital material on his own, as well as his upcoming writing stint in Deadpool Team Up.

Running Time: 01:07:17

For more, go to skottieyoung.com or follow him on Twitter.



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  1. These have been great!

  2. Love Skottie.  Love Skottie on DP!  His covers are awesome.

  3. Good talk with Scottie Young. I miss him from the Around Comics days.

    He is inspiring. I can’t wait to read his Oz books to my kids some day.

  4. Helmet!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. been meaning to check out this series.

  6. what an awesome dude

  7. Is it just me or did Josh sound sad (bitter perhaps) throughout that interview? It’s ok Josh, you’ll get there 😉 You ifanboys already have the life, doing what you love day in day out.

    Skottie Young is one lucky and extremely talented SOB – just started reading Oz – freakishly awesome art!!!!!!

  8. His new sketchbook is great!

  9. @BALD  It was just you. If anything, I was tired. We did it late at night. Skottie’s a buddy, and I guarantee you I didn’t have a trace of bitterness in that conversation.

  10. @josh  Just stirring you Josh – you know I love you guys.

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