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Talksplode #32 with Scott Snyder of ‘American Vampire’ and ‘Detective Comics’

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Scott Snyder joins Josh Flanagan for a nice long talk about Scott’s entry into comics, as well as his work on the highly acclaimed American Vampire, and Stephen King’s involvement. Then Scott talks for a long time about his work and thoughts on Batman, as his debut with Detective Comics #871, with art by Jock is on the horizon in November.┬áThis is a Talksplode for the writers out there. Look for the American Vampire, Vol. 1 hardcover, collecting the first arc, with art by Rafael Albuquerque.

Running Time: 01:23:16

Check out Scott’s website, or follow him on Twitter.

(Note: This was recorded before news about the Commissioner Gordon backup was announced in Detective Comics.)

“Perhaps Vampire is a Bit Strong”
Arctic Monkeys


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  1. Wow, that was like an interview and a half.  I’m looking forward to his run on Detective.  Should be great.

  2. Fantastic interview, Mr. Flanagan

  3. Really terrific interview, Josh. Very nice work! I’m already loving American Vampire and I’m really looking forward to Detective Comics.

  4. TNC got a callback

  5. @josh Was this interview before the co-feature restructuring? Any chance of a follow-up touching on the subject this year?

  6. Think I might save this interview to help me get through the plane trip to the US next week.  Still, I’m extremely excited for this Detective run.  From everything I’ve read, including whispers of things Snyder’s let slip at conventions, he’s been given significant freedom by DC and his editors to do something really special and unique.  Here’s hoping…roll on November!

  7. Nice interview – Scott sounds like he’s got a full plate, and his views on this newest crop of talent getting mainstream work seems right on to me.

    Hearing his thoughts on Grayson solving crimes has me more interested in Detective than I was when I heard he was taking over. It sounds like a good time to be Scott Snyder, and kudos to him – he deserves it.

  8. @ghetto – There’s a note about it in the post. It was before that news, as I said.

  9. This was a pretty good interview. I went in not knowing a damn thing about Scott Snyder and I came out wanting to read a lot more of his stuff.

  10. Great interview

     I second PenguinInc’s opinion.  Scott seems like such a down to earth guy, this made me decide to start picking Detective back up once his run starts.

  11. Thakns again for the great talk, Josj. And MAtthew (ghettojourno) – the co-feature in Det. will still stand. We’re going to do it as a feature story, alternating with the arcs Jock is doing. So like 3 issues Jock, then one FF for the Gordon story – it’s all one big story anyhow. So in the end, this is likely a better format for it. Thx!  S

  12. This conversation convinced me that I need to pick up Detective comics when it comes out, and the first American vampire collection. Well done!

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