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Talksplode #30 with Jim McCann of ‘Return of the Dapper Men’

Show Notes

Coming off a year or so of some great work at Marvel on Hawkeye & Mockingbird, Jim McCann and Janet Lee are now delivering an original graphic novel, Return of the Dapper Men, published by Archaia. Scheduled to launch at the New York Comic Con, and available worldwide in November, Return of the Dapper Men is a modern day fairy tale, truly for all ages and with some artwork like you’ve never seen before. Jim McCann, no stranger to the Talksplode, visits with us to tell us about the inspirations, the process and the journey involved in creating and publishing Return of the Dapper Men.

Running Time: 01:06:37

To see Janet Lee’s art work, watch our C2E2 episode of the iFanboy video show from back in April, to see exactly what Jim is talking about as he raves about her art style.

Return of the Dapper Men is available for pre-order through Diamond, as well as on Amazon.


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  1. Really really excited for this, I’ll be running to the Archaia booth first thing on Friday.

  2. me too great interview ron

  3. Just finished listening to the podcast. Great job Ron! I am so frustrated at the fact that I won’t get to the con till Sunday! I hope there are still copies available. Fingers crossed. The book sounds amaZING!

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