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Talksplode #3 with Joe Casey of ‘Godland’, ‘Charlatan Ball’, ‘Youngblood’, ‘Zen’, ‘Velocity’, and ‘World War Robot’

Show Notes

Josh Flanagan and Joe Casey talk about all sorts of things comics, and Josh didn’t storm off in disgust once. From his work at Image Comics, with Godland, Youngblood, and Charlatan Ball, and his other titles like Velocity from Top Cow, World War Robot from IDW, and Zen from Devil’s Due, we go over some of Joe’s massive body of work with Marvel Comics, DC Comics, and other companies. Hear about the pitch that never happened, and how Joe first broke into Marvel, as well as a lot more.

Running Time: 01:03:35

“In the Garage”


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  1. Nice, great writer or greatest writer?

  2. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Great job, Josh.  I LOVE Talksplode.  Crack for process junkies.  

    Speaking of, I can’t believe you asked him about writing under the influence.  I mean, with Godland, it’s an obvious question.  But I wasn’t expecting you to go there.  

  3. Great talksplode. Since I can’t buy the DVD I guess the best complement I can give you is: I’m going to burn this to a CD (a DVD if I’ll remember to buy some).

    Maybe when you’ll run out of stuff to say you’ll make a last  video episode which is a look back at the stuff you did … that would be weird. It reminds me of The Golden Girls for some reason…these things just pop to my head…

  4. Josh and Joe are one of my favorite parts of the con videos.  This was great.  I especially enjoyed when he talked about his ‘grown man’ work ethic.  Hey, constantly late artists: TAKE NOTE!

    Really enjoyed it. 

  5. Much enjoyed.

  6. I had forgotten that Joe had written the Intimates, I loved that series! I look forward to checking out Velocity whenever that series starts up. Fun interview to listen to.

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