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Talksplode #25 with Rick Remender of ‘Fear Agent’, ‘The Punisher’, and ‘X-Force’

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Fear Agent 28iFanboy favorite Rick Remender checks in to talk about the final arc of Fear Agent, which is coming out in July and features a 5 issue arc to finish out the series. Rick also confirms the Fear Agent Omnibus and lays out the schedule for that and some shocking Fear Agent merchandise coming our way soon. In addition to Fear Agent, Rick discusses his upcoming work on X-Force for Marvel and his continuing saga on The Punisher with “Franken-Castle.” We also get an update on The Last Days of American Crime and finally, Rick answers many of your questions as polled from Twitter.┬áIt’s always a blast to chat with Rick, so sit back and be prepared to enter the weird world of Remender!

Running Time: 01:11:42

“Out of Step”
Minor Threat


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  1. Wow, if Larry’s Comics was my shop they would have lost me as a customer.

  2. Rarely, if ever, do I purposely ‘double-dip’ in my collecting habits.  But there is no doubt that I will be getting the Fear Agent Omnibus when it comes out eventhough I have the entire run, minus #3.

    By the way, does anyone have issue #3?  Just curious.  It’s seemingly impossible to track down.

  3. Need more Minor Threat/Fugazi

  4. fuck yea i love hot snakes, hardly anyone knows them on the east coast.

  5. …..I have many view masters


  6. @jwaesch  I am gonna double dip on this too.  Also yes, I have issue #3.  It, like the rest of the series, is epic.  I am honestly really really sad this is ending.

  7. Good interview – really great to get to know Remender better, not being closely familiar with his work.  Looking forward to what he brings to X-Force soon – my favorite of the X-books the last couple of years.

  8. Even though I’m a complete drunkard, I love straight edge hardcore. Also, Ian Mackaye is incredibly super awesome. Also, I fucking love Rick Remender.

  9. If I ever run across a Larry’s Comics during my travels, I’m making sure I don’t shop there.

    Great interview. Love the confirmation of an omnibus. I’ve wanted to get into the series for a while now and that seems like the perfect way to go for me. It means I have to wait a while, but they have at least one guaranteed sale for that thing. 

  10. Thank you for asking my questions. I’m a storyboard art junkie and hearing remender wax lyrical about the complexity of storyboard Art was fantastic.

  11. Thank you, thank you Mr Remender for your Punisher argument.  I for one would put it in my top 5 monthly books, it’s fantastic.  Vigilante Punisher I’ve seen many times before, FrankenCastle?  I could never even have imagined!

  12. Great interview – will be very much looking forward to the eventual Fear Agent Omnibus and HC!  Also, great news on where Punisher is going.

  13. Thanks for a great conversation. I’ve never picked up an ‘X’ comic in my life (except for in random grab- bags when I was a kid), but I will give the Remender/Opena issues a shot for sure!

  14. By the way, I’m about 99% sure that the Larry’s Comics who asked the obnoxious question is the same one from this article: http://www.comicsalliance.com/2009/06/25/dont-be-that-guy-retailer-edition/

    I, for one, would never shop there. Nor would my comics-loving fiancee, sister or best friend.

    And for the record, Remender has got me buying Punisher, a book I thought I would NEVER buy. 

  15. Larry’s Comics also does those shitty store variants. It’s pretty sad that there are so few comic stores and of those that exist, many are shit. 

    Over at the Rev3 iFanboy forum, a member has the repeated problem of pre-ordered items not even being in their pull list. Fucking ridiculous.

  16. If any of the iFanbase shops at Larry’s Comics: Stop. Seriously. Stop it. That guy’s a douche and the exeplar of everything wrong with comic retailing. Fuck, he’s what’s wrong with Y chromosomes.

  17. Their attitude(Larry’s Comics) just rubs me the wrong way. The podcast The Comic Couch comes from that place. I tried listening to a few episodes, but the ignorance and stupidity on the part of all involved is staggering. The stunts that they pull, like the Lantern ring picture,  just goes to show you that no matter how hard everyone tries to gain some credibility in the mainstream media, people like these asshats will always drag it back down.

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