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Talksplode #2 with Rick Remender of ‘Fear Agent’, ‘Punisher: War Journal’, and ‘End League’

Show Notes

Josh Flanagan and Ron Richards have a long talk with comic creator Rick Remender, writer of Fear Agent, End League, Punisher: War Journal, Booster Gold, and the upcoming Gigantic. Rick’s doing work for just about every publisher out there, and the projects are all over the place in terms of genre. We talk with him about working on comics and doing creator owned work as well as licensed work for hire. This one’s probably not so much for the kids, because after all, this is the guy who write the line “Let nun suck.”

Running Time: 01:16:17

“Good Guys (Don’t Wear White)”
Minor Threat


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  1. Yay! Way to go!

  2. Once again I have to say nice music choice.

    Oh, and Fear Agent is amazing.

  3. I am never going to set foot into a hotel bathtub again.

  4. It doesn’t play for me and I get an error message when I try to download. Is it just me?

  5. fixed – sorry about that

  6. I believe this is also the guy who wrote Frank Frazetta’s Creatures.  

    Can’t wait to listen.  I only recently started reading Rick’s work, but I have quickly become a big fan.  Looking forward to Gigantic.  Just picked up Fear Agent vol. 2 yesterday.  Remender rules!   

  7. We didn’t talk to him about Creatures (probably just to spite Paul), but Word Balloon did when they talked with him a couple weeks ago.  However, lest we seem redundant, I think you’ll find a different sort of conversation with us than with him.

  8. Works now. Thanks!

    I like this guy’s thoughts on Castle.

  9. nice music choice. i love what hes done with Punisher and im starting to fall in love with Fear Agent…*swoon*

  10. Awesome episode.  I almost always love Remender’s stuff.  Really REALLY stoked for The Corps.  Really.

  11. I’ve a growing respect for Remender, but he was wrong about something. Ennis CAN be topped. Fraction and Remender just did it with "Jigsaw" 🙂

  12. Fear Agent rocks.

  13. Best. Episode. Ever!   Thanks guys

  14. I’ve only read XXXombies, and am hoping for more Crawlspace.

    Will definitely be on-board for Gigantic.

    Someday, I will finally get a Fear Agent trade.

  15. Finally got the chance to listen to this today, execellent interview guys!

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