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Talksplode #19 with Scott Allie of ‘Solomon Kane’ and Managing Editor at Dark Horse Comics

Show Notes

Scott Allie is the managing editor at Dark Horse Comics, where he edits many of the most successful comics at Dark Horse, like Hellboy, The Goon, and Buffy The Vampire Slayer. In addition to his editing duties, he is also an accomplished writer. Well versed in the horror genre, Allie’s latest work came out this past Wednesday, Solomon Kane: Death’s Black Riders #1. He also published an original graphic novel last fall called Exurbia.

Paul Montgomery and Ron Richards caught up with Scott Allie and chatted about how he got into comics and what the role of an editor is, his writing career and his latest work with Solomon Kane, as well as editing high profile books and creators with the The Umbrella Academy, Hellboy and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Running Time: 00:59:21

Highlights include:

  • How Allie approached converting Solomon Kane to comics.
  • Allie revealed that the recent plot development involving Hellboy and King Arthur has been in the plans for Hellboy by creator Mike Mignola for nearly 13 years.
  • Allie comments on the recent events surrounding “Buffygate,” with the spoiling of the villain Twilight in Brad Meltzer’s upcoming arc on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

“Emily Kane”
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  1. awesome. soloman kane was pretty good.

    excellent show guys

  2. It’s official: Mignola’s freaking insane.

    Great interview!

  3. He seemed kind of arrogant to me.

  4. Sweet podcast – I don’t get to catch up on the inner workings of Dark Horse often, so this was great insight as to what’s going on.  Loved the whole piece on Solomon Kane too – now I definitely want to get the book and want that movie over here soon!

  5. I’m really really upset that I didn’t get to be on this one.  That said, these guys did a bang up job, and that makes up for it.  Just as a fan, I loved this.

  6. This podcast was one of the best presentations, I have heard on the site so far. Excellent!!!!

  7. Great show, I’ll have to go back and re-listen to pick up on everything that was discussed (no more listening to podcasts while watching the NFL playoffs)…

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