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Talksplode #16 with Andy Schmidt, Senior Editor at IDW

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Josh Flanagan takes time to chat with Andy Schmidt, the Senior Editor at IDW. Andy came up working at Marvel Comics, starting as an assistant editor under Tom Brevoort, and being promoted to full editor, where he oversaw such projects as Alias, and the Annihilation event. At IDW, Andy is in charge of the current G.I. Joe, The Transformers, and Star Trek comics lines. As if that wasn’t enough, Andy is the founder of ComicsExperience.com, offering online classes in making comics, from writing to penciling to coloring. Additionally, Andy’s also a freelance writer, all at the same time. Make sure you listen for the secret origin of G.I. Joe: Cobra!

Running Time: 01:17:03

“The Editors”
An End Has a Start



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  1. After a million years has passed and Aliens come to earth  to find relics, they will find many messages and posts from a being called AmirCat praising GI JOE Cobra and saying that this was his favorite series in 2009. Most of those posts will be on the iFanboy website.

  2. Philosophy Majors represent!

  3. ooo, that’s a long one

  4. Hey, he taught a workshop at my university! Good times! 

  5. on of the most in depth, probing and scope building interviews I’ve ever heard from you guys.

    Thank you. 

  6. Did I just listen to the best talksplode ever ?  I think I just did.     This talksplode (and the Gundam pic in Mike Grab bag)  makes my membership more than worth it.  If you are not a member , you need to join. You are not getting this great quality from anywhere else.

  7. Thanks guys!

  8. Very enjoyable.  I can’t believe G.I. Joe Cobra was an on the spot idea.  So glad it saw the light of day.  Might sign up for the coloring class he talked about, since I can’t seem to get my lazy ass to the drawing table to save my life.

    And it’s great to finally hear what exactly an editor does.  😀

  9. Could be the best Episode since Paul Cornell.

    The guy’s enthusiasm was infectious. Even I wanted to attend that class and look for work in the Industry. 

    Now I just have to get talent. I hear it’s important.

    And Josh, this guy sounds like the PERFECT contact for you along making your inroads. Good on ya bruddah!

  10. Great interview.  I didn’t know this course was being offered in San Diego.  He shared insights from an editor’s perspective that I never thought of (ie- the skill it takes to pair an inker with a penciller).  Thank you.

  11. Congratulations to this guy in all his comic book career success, but the constant self-congratulation was rather annoying. Only Alan Moore is allowed to be this satisfied with his own comic brilliance. Andy sure is proud of himself.

  12. Excellent interview.  Coming into the interview knowing nothing about Schmidt, I was surprised at how interesting he was.  Now, I want to read GI JOE: COBRA more than ever.

  13. That was an incredibly informative and interesting talksplode.  I love hearing enthusiastic teachers talk about teaching.  He seems to love what he does.  I think I learned more about the actual workings of the comics industry from this podcast than anything else I have ever seen/heard.  If I wasn’t incredibly untalented/very happy with my current career I would absolutely take one of his classes.

    @Josh – You asked excellent questions and did a solid job of letting Mr. Schmidt talk when he was on a roll. Very nice work. 

  14. Is he also Crum from Ahhhhh! Real Monsters?

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