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Talksplode #15 with Brian Wood – Writer of Northlanders

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Total Running Time: 16:21

The Sword

Northlanders #21

Writer: Brian Wood
Artist: Leandro Fernandez
Colorist: Dave McKaig
Letterer: Travis Lanham
Editor: Mark Doyle
$2.99 -Vertigo/DC Comics

Tomorrow, Northlanders #21 hits comic stands with the first part of an 8 issue story arc entitled “The Plague Widow.” Writer Brian Wood and new to Northlanders artist Leandro Fernandez take you to the cold of Russia in 1020 A.D. for this tale of crime, survival and historical fiction.

Brian Wood stopped by and chatted with us for a little bit to tell us about this new issue of Northlanders, from the setting and the basic story to the origins of the research involved with putting this story together. We also find out about what it’s like to work with a new artist like Leandro Fernandez and the challenges of giving an artist from South America a story set in Russia in the winters.

The Vertigo blog recently highlighted the art of Leandro Fernandez where you can see some dazzling pencils to inks.

So give a listen and if you enjoy crime stories, or historical fiction, or survival horror, Northlanders #21 may be a good book to check out at the comic book store tomorrow.

To see art from Northlanders #21 and to comment about it
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